Carl Gustaf & Silvia of Sweden: Unusual! Job offer on Instagram


Anyone who has always wanted to work for the Swedish Royals has to perk up their ears now. King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden are looking for support via Instagram.

 The re is still a lot of snow in Sweden, but spring will soon arrive in Scandinavia as well. So it is now high time to bring the gardens of the palaces into shape. After all, not only Carl Gustaf of Sweden (74) and his Queen Silvia (77) enjoy them, but also various visitors and tourists who walk in royal footsteps. That is why the Swedish royal couple is now urgently looking for gardeners. And placed a job application on Instagram, of all places.

What a transformation: in the video above we show Queen Silvia enchanting in Jacky Kennedy Onassis style.

Who would like to work for Carl Gustaf and Silvia of Sweden?


 The  Swedish word for job advertisement is emblazoned in gold on a dark background. Below the photo there is more information for interested candidates who can submit their application until March 5th. “For the spring and summer season 2021 we are looking for gardeners for the royal parks. ©

 The  work will be carried out in the palace parks Drottningholm, Hagaparken, Ulriksdal, Gripsholm and Tullgarn as well as in Norra and Södra Djurgården.”

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Whoever wants to work for the Swedish Royals has to be able to work hard


 The re is even more information about the job on the homepage of the Swedish royal family. For example, it is pointed out there that applicants must be over 18 years old and have professional experience. It goes on to say: “As a gardener, you are helping to create a beautiful and pleasant outdoor environment. You carry out all existing tasks with care and maintenance. ©

 The se include mowing the lawn, weeding, cutting hedge, removing grass and bushes, maintaining plantations and cleaning the park area. It is also important that you are in good physical shape as the work can be difficult. ”

And who knows, maybe the new gardeners will catch a glimpse of the members of the Swedish royal family more often. After all, Crown Princess Victoria (43) and her loved ones, as well as Prince Carl Philip (41), his Sofia (36) and their children like to spend time outdoors.

Baby bump in focus: Princess Sofia still carries her third miracle under her heart – and keeps it really warm. ©

 The  magical pictures are in the video below.

Wrapped up warm!  Your baby ball is cozy

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Carl Gustaf Silvia Sweden Unusual Job offer Instagram


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