Cash for Rares: Waldi reveals – he would have paid any price for this object


“Bares for Rares”
“80-Euro-Waldi” reveals that he would have paid any price for this property

Everyone just calls him “Waldi”: Walter Lehnertz is a veteran of “Bares für Rares” and has been on the junk show since the first episode in 2013.

At “Bares für Rares” his bids usually start with 80 euros: Walter “Waldi” Lehnertz is a veteran of the junk show and notorious for his frugality. But he didn’t care about the price of this property.

He is known and notorious for his 80 euro bids: Walter “Waldi” Lehnertz is the saver for “Bares for Rares”. Regardless of whether it is a valuable masterpiece or rare kitsch – his first bid usually starts with 80 euros. But in the ZDF junk show offshoot “Händlerstücke”, he reveals that he didn’t care about the price of an object.

“I really wanted that,” says the trader from the Eifel about a self-made carousel. “Bares for Rares” expert Detlev Kümmel estimated the value of the replica fairground piece at 1000 to 1300 euros. But Waldi got hold of the part at a bargain price of 850 euros. © The  seller could have asked for a lot more. Because the dealer admits: “That is a lot of money, but that is really the first part where I had no limit.”

“Waldi” is doing a profitable business

But after the purchase, Lehnertz only started work. ©

 The  carousel was no longer functional. With the help of an electrician and a painter, “Waldi” brings the men’s toys back into shape. ©

 The  surface is cleaned, the defective lamps replaced and the drive repaired. ©

 The  restoration takes many hours of work. But the result is impressive. “That looks great,” says “Waldi”.

“I paid 850 euros, 600 euros go to the electrician,” Lehnertz calculates. In total, he has invested 1450 euros. But the well-connected “Waldi” has already found a buyer. ©

 The  unique piece goes to a private collector – for 2700 euros. A profitable business. “That is a reasonable price, everyone can live with it,” says “Waldi” happily. And this business doesn’t even have 80.

“Bares für Rares – Dealer Items” takes a look behind the scenes

What happens to the objects after the dealers buy them from “Bares for Rares”? ©

 The  ZDF shows this every Sunday in the flea show “Bares for Rares – Dealer Pieces”. ©

 The  camera accompanies Susanne Steiger, Julian-Schmitz-Avila, Fabian Kahl or Wolfgang Pauritsch into their shops and tells the story of the objects after they were seen on Horst Lichter’s show.

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“Bares für Rares – Dealer Pieces” runs on ZDF on Sunday afternoon. Regular episodes of the junk show can be seen from Monday to Friday at 3:05 p.m.

Source used: “Bares for Rares – Dealer Items” from January 31, 2021


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Cash Rares Waldi reveals paid price object


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