CDU Saxony-Anhalt does not require a mask at the state party conference


DessauOne hundred CDU delegates met without a mask in the golf park over the weekend.  The  participants of the state party conference of the CDU Matters-Anhalt sat in a room. ©

 The  politicians chose the party and government leader Reiner Haseloff (67) as the top candidate for the state elections in June. On the homepage of the CDU Saxony-Anhalt it says unchanged: “In this difficult phase we can all make our contribution: the less we meet, the faster the risk of infection drops.”

In Dessau, the following applies at the moment: facilities such as parks, museums, cinemas and restaurants must remain closed despite the hygiene concepts presented. In addition, it says on the official homepage of the state of Saxony-Anhalt: “Citizens are urged to reduce contact with other people outside of their own household to an absolutely necessary minimum. ©

 The  number of households from which the other people come must be kept as constant as possible. Furthermore, unnecessary private trips and visits – also from relatives – should be avoided. “


 The  fact that politicians from the CDU, led by Angela Merkel, are now meeting without a mask for a state party conference, despite these requirements, is a source of sharp criticism. Bundestag and FDP vice-president Wolfgang Kubicki (68) told Bild-Zeitung: ©

 The  fact that “obviously no mask requirement was demanded” at the party congress does not fit “at a time when political decision-makers are also imposing the toughest fundamental rights restrictions on the CDU”.


 The  Halle FDP city councilor Torsten Schaper told the portal You are Halle: “Someone would say that there are no feasible hygiene concepts. ©

 The  CDU is finally showing the way. Can trade in Saxony-Anhalt reopen on Monday? Rapid tests and distances are also feasible there. ”

Photo: MDR


 The  state party conference of the CDU, Saxony, on the weekend. Many of the participants forego mouth and nose protection.

Junge Union regrets: Unfortunately not all participants wore masks

SPD legal expert Florian Post spoke of double standards and told Springer-Blatt: “Elsewhere, schools, cinemas and pubs don’t even open at an incidence of 35. But the CDU meets even at the incidence value of 85 without a mask and distance. Politics gambled away any credibility. ”And FDP leader Christian Lindner (42) said, according to the picture, if you can protect yourself, then“ not only at the party congress, but also in retail and in the catering trade ”.


 The  Wittenberg district association of the Junge Union wrote when a user asked on Twitter whether all participants had worn masks during the event: “Some, but unfortunately not all (unless the minimum distance could not be maintained). However, you only had access with a negative test result, it was aired and you kept the distance. “

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CDU SaxonyAnhalt require mask state party conference


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