Celebrities under palm trees: Henrik Stoltenberg kicked out of the show


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What’s going on there? “Love Island” heartbreaker Henrik Stoltenberg is said to have flown out of the TV show “Celebrities under Palms” – and he is not the only participant …

  • Henrik Stoltenberg kicked out of “Celebrities under Palms”
  • Chris Töpperwien is also said to have flown
  • Quarrel with Melanie Müller the reason?

“Celebrities under the palm trees”: Production throws candidates out

 The  new season of the Sat.1 show “Celebrities under Palms” is currently being shot in Thailand. Among others: Elena Marias, Willi Herren, Prince Marcus von Anhalt, Patrizia Blanco, Giulia Siegel and also Henrik Stoltenberg. But, according to a report by “Bild”, he was now forced to unwillingly pack his suitcase.

Henrik, who is in a relationship with the ex “Cologne 50667” actress Paulina Ljubas, had a violent argument with ex-jungle king Melanie Müller in front of the camera, in which there should have been threats. But not only Henrik is said to have been excluded from production because of this. On Monday, February 22nd, Melanie Müller’s Insta story featured screenshots from online media reporting on the dispute. However, this did not reveal any further details.

Currywurst man Chris Töpperwien is said to have packed his suitcase a few days ago because of a dispute with Melanie Müller. It is still unclear whether the scenes will be shown on TV. Compared to “Promiflash”, the broadcaster said: “What happens on the show will be shown by Sat.1 in the spring broadcast.

“Celebrities under palm trees” 2021: This is already known about the new season

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 The  new season of “Celebs Under Palm Trees” is currently being shot in Thailand. © www.de24.news

 The  candidates:

  • Giulia Siegel
  • Prince Marcus of Anhalt
  • Melanie Müller
  • Willi gentlemen
  • Patricia white
  • Chris Töpperwien
  • Elena Miras
  • Katy Bähm
  • Emmy Russ
  • Henrik Stoltenberg
  • Kate whiting
  • Calvin Kleinen

In the show, the celebrities fight for the golden coconut and the 100,000 euro prize money. Because of the corona pandemic, the participants had to be quarantined for 15 days in a hotel in Thailand and tested negative for the corona virus several times. (mie)

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Celebrities palm trees Henrik Stoltenberg kicked show


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