“Celebrities under palm trees”: Second expulsion in 2 days!


After currywurst man Chris Töpperwien, another participant had to leave “celebrities under palm trees” involuntarily.

A bad argument and a sacking? Even before the new season of “Celebs under Palms” is broadcast in spring, the reality show is making a lot of headlines. First, ex-jungle camper Georgina Fleur (30) did not pass the medical check and was replaced – now Giulia Siegel (46), who had actually already retired, should move up. She should take the place of currywurst man Chris Töpperwien (46), who had to leave the show after a dispute with ex-jungle queen Melanie Müller (32) according to “Bild” information.

 The  “Celebs Under Palm Trees” contestants are famous for their headlines. Ex-candidate Désirée Nick (64), too: Obscene gestures or bra speed cameras – see Germany’s most pointed tongue in action in the following video!

Bra speed camera!

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Update 22. Februar:

Henrik Stoltenberg also has to pack his bags after a quarrel with Melanie Müller

And now the scandal repeats itself. Another participant in the show had to leave involuntarily: Minister’s grandson Henrik Stoltenberg (24). His grandfather is the former Defense Minister Gerhard Stoltenberg, he himself became known for his participation in the reality show “Love Island”. And the 24-year-old is also said to have crossed a line because of a public dispute with TV queen Melanie Müller, according to “bild.de”, and therefore had to pack his bags. Like Chris Töpperwien, Stoltenberg is said to have made threatening gestures against Melanie Müller, as reported by “bild.de”. © www.de24.news

 The  already elected Willi Herren (45) allegedly returned to the show for the “Love Island” star. It has not yet been decided whether the dispute will be shown on TV. We can be curious.

Dream over: Chris Töpperwien cannot follow in Bastian Yotta’s footsteps

In Thailand, where “celebrities under palm trees” has been filmed since January, according to the media report, the tatters should fly. According to information from “bild.de”, the dispute between Töpperwien and Müller caused plenty of discussions – and ultimately the Currywurstmann was thrown out. A heavy blow for him, as he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his arch enemy Bastian Yotta (44), who just beat Matthias Mangiapane (37) last season and won the final of “Celebrities under Palms”.


Bastian Yotta has joined

Celebrities under the palm trees
Bastian Yotta won the final
In the last episode of “Celebs under Palms”, Bastian Yotta won the final games. Matthias Mangiapane had to admit defeat.

21st of February

Throwing out of Chris Töpperwien: That’s what the broadcaster says

However, all those involved are keeping a low profile on the incident. While Chris Töpperwien is still silent about his alleged expulsion, a Sat.1 spokeswoman said to “bild.de”: “We will tell what happens in the program in the broadcast in the spring.” Ballermann singer Willi Herren, Patricia Blanco (50), “Love Island” candidate Henrik Stoltenberg (24), “Temptation Island” participant Calvin Kleinen (28), reality TV star Elena Miras will be there (28) and adoptive prince Marcus Prinz von Anhalt (53).


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