Champions League: Sevilla FC – BVB, individual review

Champions League: Sevilla FC - BVB, individual review

With a 3-2 win at Sevilla FC, Borussia Dortmund secured a brilliant starting position before the second leg of the second leg in the Champions League.

 The  Black and Yellows turned up a lot, especially in the first half, and earned the away win through an increase in performance compared to their last appearances in the Bundesliga.

© The  BVB players in the individual review,


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MARWIN WORD: Came for his third Champions League appearance this season and was powerless on both goals. Otherwise the Swiss exuded a lot of calm. SPORT1-NOTE: 3


 The  European champions made a solid game on the left wing and was a little better than Mateu Morey on the other side. From time to time Guerreiro served the attackers with dangerous outside instep passes. ©

 The  impression is solidified, however, that the aggressively oriented kicker is given away as a classic left-back. SPORT1-NOTE: 3


 The  defense chief falsified the shot to make it 0: 1, but you can’t blame him for that. Overall with a solid and calm appearance. Got angry after the game with Can – Hummels was totally annoyed that they conceded the second goal in the closing stages. SPORT1-NOTE: 3 (Schedule and results of the Champions League)

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MANUEL AKANJI: A good game by the Swiss, who together with Hummels hardly left anything on the table for a long time. However, here and there he had a few lack of concentration in his defense game. SPORT1-NOTE: 3


 The  Spaniard was allowed to play in his home country from the start, but showed an inconspicuous performance. Without major mistakes, but also with a few glossy moments. SPORT1-NOTE: 3,5


 The  midfield talent did not make any big mistakes, was extremely robust and strong in tackling and was also brave in dribbling. SPORT1-NOTE: 3

EMRE CAN: His body language was correct even before kick-off. Looked grim and determined on the team photo accordingly. Can worked well against the ball and helped over long distances to close the center as a six in front of the defense. However: Before the 2: 3 the national player left Luuk de Jong out of sight. SPORT1-NOTE: 3,5

MAHMOUD DAHOUD: Moved back into the starting line-up for the first time since December due to the absence of Thomay Delaney (becomes a father) – and paid it back with a dream goal. Dahoud achieved the important 1: 1 equalization with a lot of determination. “Yes, man!” He shouted into the Spanish night sky. ©

 The  national player was an asset in the BVB game and recommended for more missions. SPORT1-Note: 2

From 88th THOMAS MEUNIER: Made his debut after recovering from a knee injury. ©

 The  Belgian came too late for a grading. (©

 The  game for reading in the ticker)

JADON SANCHO: A decent game by the superstar. His great quality flashed every now and then – for example before the 2-1 when he staged Haaland with a world-class chip ball. However: Before the 0: 1, the Englishman let Suso play too cheaply. SPORT1-NOTE: 3


 The  BVB bosses recently demanded significantly more from the leading players – Reus in particular must have felt addressed. ©

 The  captain made a good game in Seville. ©

 The  important 3-1 goal before the break is 50 percent on his account. Reus attacked his opponent decisively at the level of the center line and then put Haaland in the limelight with a no-look pass. Strong appearance! SPORT1-NOTE: 2

ERLING HAALAND: Took the team away with its mentality and took out FC Sevilla with its brace almost single-handedly. For “Mr. Champions League “it was the hits 17 and 18 in the 13th game. Haaland is Dortmund’s solid rock. As a target player, the Norwegian was always ready to play. He also prepared the 1-1 equalizer for Dahoud by tunnel. For that there is the top grade! SPORT1-NOTE: 1

77. FELIX PASSLACK: Came for his fourth brief assignment this CL season. Passlack is fighting for a new contract – but the left-back was unable to advertise himself in the short time. SPORT1-Note: –

From 80th JULIAN BRANDT: ©

 The  national player came off the bench in his fifth CL game this season. Was brought in too late to be graded. SPORT1-Note: –

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Champions League Sevilla BVB individual review


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