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Some changes will be made for consumers in March 2021. Among other things, the lockdown will be extended and the time will be changed. An overview.

Germany – During the corona pandemic, there is hardly a week in which consumers do not have to adjust to new rules. Mask requirement, contact restrictions, lockdown The  federal and state conferences are regularly informed about all changes and innovations. That will be with everyone else new rules in Germany not handled like that. So that the overview is not lost, here is the overview of all Changes in March 2021.

Corona-Lockdown Measure to contain the pandemic
renewal Until March 7, 2021
exception Hairdressers are allowed to open from March 1, 2021

Changes in March 2021: Corona lockdown will be extended until March 7th

First the bad news: ©

 The  Corona-Lockdown with all currently existing rules until March 7th extended. However want Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers am 3 March come together to new about the Pandemic Measures to vote. Above all, many citizens should longingly await the opening of the retail trade and restaurants.

If he Lockdown extended from March 8th depends on whether the 7 day incidence will fall below Merkel’s target of 35 by then. Only then be one gradual opening of the businesses of “non-daily needs”, the Restaurants and leisure facilities possible (all news about Corona in NRW at

After all: Hairdressers in Germany should be allowed to open from March 1st under strict hygiene regulations. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder justified this decision by saying that cutting hair had something to do with “hygiene and dignity”. Beauticians are allowed to differ from Hairdressers Do not open.

Changes from March 2021: ©

 The  beginning of spring and the change to daylight saving time make everyone happy

Even gyms and sports facilities need persistent because of the Lockdowns stay closed. A real horror scenario for many fitness fans. Especially since it is currently still pretty cold and dark outside. But March brings a remedy: Not only is on March 20th, the beginning of spring, which could (hopefully!) raise the temperatures again – on the night of March 27th to March 28th will also be the Clocks changed. Means for all sun worshipers: It finally stays light outside longer.

But how about that again Time change? Are the clocks set forward or backward for summer time? Very simple: ©

 The  clocks will be on the last Sunday of Month of March in the morning at 2 a.m. advanced by one hour to 3 a.m. If you can’t remember this, you should memorize this donkey bridge: in summer the garden chairs are placed in front of the house and in winter they are put back in the basement. Simple, isn’t it?

Changes in March 2021: Electrical devices will get new energy labels

Anyone planning to buy new household appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine soon should from March look closer. Because the Electrical devices get new energy labels. In future, they will no longer receive plus classes such as “A +++”, but will only be awarded a scale from A to G. ©

 The  reason for this is that, for example, new refrigerators are almost all in the top class. ©

 The  new label should Make it easier for consumers to assesswhich models really use less power. That has become more and more difficult up to now, reports the consumer advice center.

After the changeover to the new scale, the requirements for the frugality of electrical appliances have become stricter again. For example, it could happen that a refrigerator with the Energy efficiency class A +++ is suddenly only in class D.

From March 2021, electrical appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators will receive new energy labels.

© Peter Kneffel / dpa

Changes in March 2021: Entitlement to Baukindergeld expires at the end of the month

Families or single parents can still apply until March 31, 2021 secure their right to so-called Baukindergeld. ©

 The  federal government approved the funding period for the money in December for a further three months.

Anyone who has signed a purchase contract or received a building permit by the end of March can apply for funding until the end of 2023 Baukindergeld put. ©

 The  grant is 12,000 euros per child (1200 euros per year). You can easily submit your application online to KfW.

Video: That changed for consumers in February 2021

Changes in March 2021: Drastic innovation in Google’s search

Am March 31, 2021 will the Google search engine the settings of their Change search results drastically. As a result, numerous small and medium-sized companies could no longer be found on the Internet. ©

 The  reason: Google will primarily find smartphone-enabled websites in the future.

Older websites will then be ranked worse in the search results, which means that they will be almost impossible to find. Are affected Websitesthat were primarily designed for use on the desktop – such as the pages of many craft businesses.

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