Children collapsed in the Havel ice – dramatic rescue by passers-by! – BZ Berlin


In Spandau on Friday afternoon two girls (13, 11) and a teenager (15) broke into the ice at various points in the Havel. A courageous passerby saved the girls, the fire brigade saved the youth.

At around 3:45 p.m., a 13-year-old and her sister (11) broke into the ice near the Rustweg in the Hakenfelde district.

Both were rescued by a brave passerby (36) who heard the girls scream. © The  walker had first tried to save the girl furthest from the bank, for which he went himself onto the brittle ice surface.

When he grabbed the girl and pulled her onto the ice, the ice gave and both fell into the water. ©

 The  man helped the girl back onto the ice, told her to stretch out and crawl carefully towards the bank.


 The n he set about rescuing the second child. He hit the ice with his elbows, worked his way up to the girl, and pulled her ashore.


 The  13-year-old later stated that she wanted to save her younger sister because she broke into the ice. ©

 The  girl and her rescuer were taken to a hospital by the Berlin fire brigade.

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A youth breaks into the Havel in Haselhorst

Later around 5.30 p.m., a young person (15) broke into the Havel ice in the Haselhorst area near Romy-Schneider-Straße. He clung to wooden bollards until firefighters brought him ashore.


 The  young person could be handed over to his parents after treatment on site.

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Children collapsed Havel ice dramatic rescue passersby Berlin


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