Clear regulation required: Confusion about 7th vaccination dose in Tyrol


Aus den gelieferten Impfdosen geht vielfach eine zusätzliche Dosis heraus. Dafür fehlen aber nach wie vor klare Regelungen.

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Innsbruck – Vaccine is scarce everywhere, in Tyrol three vaccines have been administered since the previous week: BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca. So far, a total of 161,350 Tyroleans have registered for a Covid vaccination via the online platform. As reported, those over 80 years of age have already been vaccinated or are about to be vaccinated in 73 communities. However, because more vaccinations result from the vaccination doses delivered to the communities by BioNTech and Moderna, there is confusion in the communities about how to deal with them. After all, every available vaccine should be used. But this is not so easy.

That is why there have been intensive talks between community representatives, doctors and the state of Tyrol for days. ©

 The  problem with this: for the vaccine from BioNTech

Pfizer is only approved by the European Medicines Agency to take six doses and for Moderna ten doses. However, despite correct processing of the vaccine doses, it is still possible to occasionally give a seventh dose of BioNTech and an eleventh dose of Moderna.

Doctors unsettled about liability

As reported by the State Medical Directorate, the excess dose is “off-label”, i.e. outside of the use approved by the pharmaceutical authorities. ©

 The refore, the necessary second dose may not necessarily be available at the vaccination station at the next appointment for the second vaccination. ©

 The  vaccinated must therefore be informed that they must then go to another vaccination station. On the other hand, some doctors are unsettled about liability. ©

 The re are still no satisfactory answers to many unanswered questions, and there is some confusion in the communities.

As far as liability is concerned, according to the Medical Association for Tyrol, the Ministry of Health takes the view that the so-called “off-label” also fall under the Vaccine Damage Act.

For the Tyrolean SPÖ chairman Georg Dornauer – he is himself mayor in Sellrain – all of this is more than unsatisfactory. “From my point of view, it is clear: the existing vaccine must also be inoculated. However, I want clear rules with regard to the so-called seventh dose or ‘off-label’ vaccinations. ”For Dornauer, the federal government has a duty here to create appropriate legal certainty. “For me it is irresponsible to create massive uncertainty again, especially in the risk group,” he concludes. (pn)

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Clear regulation required Confusion #7th vaccination dose Tyrol


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