Coach Julian Nagelsmann questions Justin Kluivert’s future at RB Leipzig

Coach Julian Nagelsmann questions Justin Kluivert's future at RB Leipzig

Leipzig. Shortly before the transfer window closed last October, RB Leipzig grabbed it again and loaned Justin Kluivert from AS Roma for a year. According to media reports, the Red Bulls have the opportunity to sign the Dutchman on a permanent basis for around 13 million euros. According to the football portal, its current market value is 18 million euros.


It is uncertain whether the 21-year-old will actually stay on Cottaweg. Coach Julian Nagelsmann was rather reserved on Friday with a clear statement: “In the course of the second half of the season we will decide what we do, what he wants to do, how big his influence was and whether it will continue beyond the season.”
It is clear that the coach had hoped for more from Kluivert. It didn’t go too bad at first. “ The re was the phase when we played against Bayern Munich and Manchester United. We saw the Justin Kluivert we were hoping for. Unfortunately he was gone again. ”His total playing time was 451 minutes. Overall, he was on the lawn nine times in the Bundesliga, but played all group games in the Champions League. ©

 The  Dutchman made his two goals so far in the RB jersey against these opponents: In Munich he equalized in the 36th minute to make it 2-2 at half-time (the game ended 3: 3). Against ManUnited, he scored the goal to lead Leipzig 3-0 in the second leg (RB won 3-2).

“Basically, he has skills that would have done us very well in the game against Liverpool and that are also good for us in many Bundesliga games. Especially when it comes to the depth, the sprint, his speed runs and his speed dribbling. In addition, he exudes a good goal hazard and a good finish ”, Nagelsmann praised the Dutchman.
But: “He’s a bit too prone to injury at this time.” ©

 The  result: only a few training units with the team. “I see him very little in training. That is also the problem. He has to become more stable as far as his body is concerned.” But the coach continues to hope that Kluivert “stays healthy, can train more and is therefore fit for the games. ”

It is clear to the Dutchman himself that he can show more than has happened so far. “I know that I can do even more. After my injury, I want to help the team as best I can for the rest of the season. Maybe even beyond,” he said in an interview with this week the sports portal Because the 21-year-old can very well imagine staying with the trade fair townspeople. “But in the end the decision is not mine alone.”

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Coach Julian Nagelsmann questions Justin Kluiverts future Leipzig


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