Coca-Cola tests paper bottles – that’s behind it


 The  dispute over whether lemonade tastes better from a glass bottle than made from plastic could soon be a thing of the past: Coca-Cola is now using paper – if the test goes well.

While cola bottles made of recycled plastic are coming into stores in the USA, the brewing company is already working on the next innovation. From summer Coca-Cola Europe wants to test paper bottles.


 The  aim should be to get closer to their own vision of a “world without waste”, according to a press release. By 2030, Coca-Cola wants to ensure that all packaging can be collected, recycled or refilled.


 The  paper bottle prototype will initially be launched in Hungary in a limited edition of 2,000 pieces. ©

 The  drink that is filled into it is Coca-Cola’s plant-based drink “AdeZ”, a mixture of seeds, nuts and, depending on the type, fruit juice.

Coke bottle made of paper thanks to a Danish start-up


 The  paper bottle emerged from the partnership between the Danish start-up ©

 The  Paper Bottle Company (Paboco) and scientists from the Coca-Cola research and development laboratory in Brussels.

With the technology developed by Paboco, the bottles are made from sustainably sourced wood and coated with “bio-based material”. This is to ensure that the packaging is suitable for carbonated and still drinks, but also for cosmetics.

Cola bottles should be recyclable like paper


 The  prototype currently consists of a paper sleeve with a recyclable plastic lining and a plastic cap. ©

 The  aim is to develop a bottle that can be recycled like paper.


 The  market test in Hungary is an important step to find out how the paper bottle performs and how consumers react to it, says Stijn Franssen, who is responsible for research and development for packaging at Coca ‑ Cola in Europe.

“For us it is an exciting step forward when we leave laboratory conditions with the bottle and experience it in a real market environment,” continues Franssen. “For the first time, consumers will actually be drinking one of our products from a potentially new type of paper packaging.”

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CocaCola tests paper bottles


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