Cologne: animal transporter with dogs and cats from Spain and Portugal stopped


In Cologne, the authorities have stopped an illegal animal transporter from Spain and Portugal. “In the closed loading area of ​​almost ten square meters, 52 dogs and six cats were kept on the sides in around 30 cages and several boxes,” said the city.
As a result, a witness had drawn the authorities’ attention to the unannounced transport on Saturday afternoon. He stopped on a street in the Bocklemünd Mengenich district, where more than 50 people had gathered, some without a minimum distance and occasionally without a mask.

 The  cages were said to be stacked in three rows on top of each other. During the inspection of the two drivers, the security service and the environmental agency discovered “questionable conditions”: the transport had not been registered with the environmental agency, and papers had not been issued in accordance with EU rules.

Puppies and cats in bad shape


 The  veterinarians who were called would have checked every dog ​​for vaccinations, correct chip numbers and manipulations or abnormalities that were mandatory for importation into Germany.

It was said that it was very warm inside the vehicle and smelled strongly of urine. ©

 The  city said the animals were scared. Not all of them got enough water and food. In addition, her health was not checked during the transport.

Three puppies and four cats in poor condition were therefore brought to the animal shelter, the others given to animal welfare associations. Those responsible for the transporter with Spanish registration are now to be checked further, investigations are being carried out because of the “questionable conditions surrounding the transport”.
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Cologne animal transporter dogs cats Spain Portugal stopped


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