Colt Single Action Army – the legendary weapon of the Wild West is now in Czech possession


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Colt Single Action Army – the legendary weapon of the Wild West is now in Czech possession

© The  shooting at OK Corral is filmed regularly.
© PR

Without the Colt Single Action Army Revolver, the Wild West wouldn’t have been so wild. ©

 The  “Peacemaker” shaped the Wild West – but Colt’s independence is over.

© The  Colt was the weapon of the so-called Wild West, hence its notorious name “Peacemaker”. ©

 The  most famous shootout in the United States, the shoot-out at OK Corral in Tombstone on October 26, 1881, was fought with the Colt Single Action Army. Three members of the Clanton gang died in the first three seconds.

“October 26th, 1881 will always be marked as one of the most brutal days in Tombstone’s annals, when blood flowed like water and human life ceased to be a shuttlecock, a day that witnessed the bloodiest, deadliest street fight ever took place in this place or even in this territory, “the newspaper” Daily Nugget “said. ©

 The  sinking of the 7th Cavalry under General Custer on June 25, 1876 Little Big Horn was accompanied by the shots of this weapon.

General Patton with his Colt and Custer soldiers used the Colt single action

General Patton with his Colt and Custer soldiers used the Colt single action
© Commons

High firepower weapon

© The  revolver served the US Army for decades. It had several outstanding advantages: ©

 The  Colt could fire six shots with its six chambers. And reliably, it was unlikely that the mechanism would fail. ©

 The  great length of the barrel resulted in good accuracy at typical distances of up to around 25 meters. However, it was not enough for the feats that were later shown in Hollywood films. ©

 The n there was the heavy caliber 45. It was dimensioned in such a way that the impact would knock a man over, and even more, it was enough to stop a horse in its run.

Samuel Colt had his first design patented in February 1836. This resulted in the first series revolver “©

 The  Paterson”. ©

 The  weapon was built more simply than previous multi-shot guns, which liked to use multiple barrels. But it was very complicated to load, so the barrel had to be removed. But it was superior to any muzzle loader. In the late 1840s, Texas Ranger Captain Samuel Walker improved this design and made it robust and reliable enough for field use.

At that time, no metal cartridges were used that were simply pushed into the chamber. Each chamber had to be loaded individually, which was complicated. But that was not a disadvantage compared to single-shot weapons. But in the immediate battle, the shooter was referred to the cartridges that were already in the chamber. ©

 The  company continued to flourish with its models after Colt’s death during the American Civil War.

Era of the metal cartridge

During this time, however, the metal cartridge, which is still in use today, appeared, where the detonator, propellant charge and projectile are held together by a metal case. That made loading a lot easier. Colt Single Action Army was developed for these cartridges. But he could only prevail after a tough competition. With the first models, the Army complained that the caliber was too weak and the frame was too fragile.

But eventually a reinforced model prevailed. This Colt had a cylinder with six chambers. It was not loaded by unfolding the cylinder, as is known from gangster films set in the 1930s. It had a loading hatch on the right side. Here the empty cases could be ejected individually with the help of a rod and the new cartridges inserted. This procedure takes a little longer, but the mechanics were simpler and less susceptible. ©

 The  axis of the rotating cylinder was not moved, so the chambers always remained correctly adjusted. So there could hardly be any jamming.

© The  Colt did not have a fuse. Except immediately before a battle, usually only five chambers were loaded so that the revolver would not go off by itself in the event of a fall. ©

 The  Army Colts were $ 13 each, had wooden handles, and weighed two and a half pounds. Later the barrels were shortened from 7.5 to 5.5 inches. ©

 The re were also civilian variants. You could also use the popular Winchester cartridges, so a shooter only had to carry one type of ammunition. Series production of the Colt Single Action Army ended in 1941 with the number 357,859. In 1956 it was resumed.

Takeover by CZG


 The  advantage of the Colt and later revolvers, which were easier to use, lay in the reliability of the mechanism. As long as the weapon was cleaned regularly, it did not fail even under difficult climatic conditions. This is also the reason why revolvers were used by security forces until the 1970s. With models like those from Glock, the pistols achieved an equally high level of reliability and had more cartridges in the magazine than a revolver could hold in the drum. Since then, drum revolvers have been something for nostalgics.

Colt has now been taken over by CZG. Česká Zbrojovka Group SE (CZG) has acquired 100 percent of the shares in Colt Holding Company LLC (‘Colt’). Colt slips under the roof of a large arms manufacturer and CZG has acquired a world-famous brand.

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Colt Single Action Army legendary weapon Wild West Czech possession


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