Completely different! This is what fitness star Pamela Reif looked like as a teen


Pamela Reif (24) has changed a lot!  The  blonde is one of the most influential and successful fitness influencers ever: Over seven million subscribers follow the content of the sports cannon every day and are inspired by her tips and tricks. But the beauty didn’t always look as sporty as it does today – and otherwise has Pamela has changed extremely since her youth!

In your Instagram-Story, the 24-year-old shared some recordings with her fans that she showed as a teenager – a lot has actually happened since then. While Pamela Known today for her blond mane, she still wore bangs and a different hair color: namely a reddish brown. When looking at these photos, the YouTuber could hardly believe how much she has changed. “It was one of my very first photoshoots. Oh my god. I can’t take it anymore”, giggled the native of Karlsruhe.

Pamela probably already had the right nose for how to put yourself in the limelight. And even today, the model inspires his fan base with breathtaking photo shoots. “Your photos make me happy,” wrote a user under one of Pamelas Photos on Instagram.

Pamela Reif as a teen
Pamela Reif as a teen
Pamela Reif, Web-Star

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Completely fitness star Pamela Reif looked teen


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