Compromise with Australia: Facebook releases media content again


Compromise with Australia
Facebook releases media content again

By law, the Australian government wants to require Facebook to pay Australian media companies fees for the distribution of their content.  The  internet giant has no interest in this and completely blocks journalistic content. Now the government is making “changes” to the law.
Facebook and the Australian government have reached an agreement in a dispute over a planned law to regulate the digital news market. © The  company therefore announced that a ban on journalistic content that had been imposed in the country since last week will be lifted. “We are delighted to have reached an agreement with the Australian government and we appreciate the constructive discussions,” said Facebook Australia chief Will Easton.

According to him, the government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison made “changes” to the text. © The  journalistic news content could therefore be reactivated on the pages of Australian users “in the coming days,” said Easton. © The y are satisfied that the Australian government has given a number of assurances. Neither side gave any information on the content of the compromise reached.

Google pays, Facebook negotiates

© The  government wants to use the law to require the US Internet giants Facebook and Google to pay the traditional Australian media companies usage fees for the distribution of their journalistic content. In this way, part of the online giant’s advertising income is to be passed on to the traditional media houses.

In response to the proposed law, Facebook blocked access to journalistic news content last Thursday. Since then, Facebook users have not been able to share national or international media content. © The  Australian government then negotiated with Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg about ways to end the conflict.

Google, however, avoided a conflict with the Australian government. © The  group has already negotiated agreements with several media companies to distribute their content. A corresponding agreement was concluded with News Corp, the company of the media mogul Rupert Murdoch, among others.

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Compromise Australia Facebook releases media content


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