Concern for Prince Philip: Harry is preparing for an emergency


Harry is said to have withdrawn and isolated in his California estate. Bild: Getty Images Europe / WPA Pool

Concern for Prince Philip: Grandson Harry is already preparing for an emergency – Prince Charles on a short visit to the hospital

Prince Philip’s stay in hospital now also has consequences for his grandson Harry. Last Tuesday evening, the almost 100-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital in London after he felt unwell.

An official statement from Buckingham Palace emphasized that this was a purely precautionary measure on the advice of the Duke of Edinburgh’s doctors:  The  Duke should spend a few days for observation and rest in the hospital”a spokesman said. Fortunately, Philip is not worried about a corona infection, he and the Queen had already been vaccinated against the virus in January.

Harry isolated himself in his mansion

Nevertheless, because of the advanced age of the royal within the royal family, one is apparently preparing for the worst case. As “© The  Mirror” reports, citing a palace insider, Harry is said to have already quarantined in his luxury property in California in order to be able to travel as corona-compliant as possible in the event of an emergency:

It is unclear whether his wife Meghan would accompany him. However, since the former actress is currently five months pregnant, she may refrain from long air travel. So far there are no statements or public plans from her.

Prince Philip has been in a London clinic for almost three days. Image: dpa / Alastair Grant

Special travel regulations for the royals

If Philip suddenly feels worse, Harry wants to travel to London by private jet, according to the source. If he were to leave the United States, the 36-year-old would have to be tested for the corona virus beforehand. Normally, after the flight to the United Kingdom, he would be obliged to go to quarantine in a specially designed hotel.

© The  United States and Spain have recently become one of the countries where this is the case for travelers to the UK. However, special rights apply to members of the royal family, which are comparable to the immunity of diplomats. If the Corona test result was negative, Harry would be exempt from a second quarantine in Great Britain.

Prince Charles on Saturday after Prince Philip’s visit to a London hospital. Bild: Getty Images Europe / Kate Green

Prince Charles leaves London hospital troubled

On Saturday, Prince Philips’ eldest son, Prince Charles, made his way to the London hospital – primarily because of the stricter visitor guidelines in Great Britain. Visitors are currently only admitted under “exceptional circumstances,” as stated on the clinic’s website.

It is unclear whether it was actually an extraordinary circumstance or whether there was also a special visitor regulation for the royal family.

After about half an hour, the heir to the throne left the King Edward VII Hospital again – visibly moved. As a spokesman for Clarence House confirmed, the 72-year-old then made his way back to his country home in Highgrove in Gloucestershire.

© The re is still no update on how the 99-year-old is doing after several days in hospital.


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Concern Prince Philip Harry preparing emergency


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