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© The  judge ruled that the Competition Appeal Tribunal had no jurisdiction and that the lawsuit had to be fought in the USA. However, he partially admitted a similar lawsuit against Google. Epic, developer of the popular “Fortnite” game, recently submitted a competition complaint against Apple to the EU Commission.


 The  dispute flared up in August after Epic no longer wanted to adhere to the more than a decade-long requirement that virtual items in the game on iPhones and iPads can only be offered via Apple’s in-app purchase system. Apple keeps 30 percent of the purchase price. Instead, Epic would like to run its own app store on the iPhone.

After the iPhone group rejected changes to the terms and conditions, the Epic developers built into the app the contractually prohibited option of being able to buy the items directly from Epic. For this purpose, a hidden function was activated in the application in August, which Epic had smuggled past Apple’s app reviewers.

On the same day, Apple threw “Fortnite” with reference to the rule violation from the App Store. Epic immediately went to court accusing Apple of unfair competition. Apple claims damages in a counterclaim.

Epic also introduced its own payment method in the “Fortnite” app for smartphones with the Google Android operating system. Google then banned the app from its Play Store download platform. Unlike on iPhones, Android users can also download them from other sources.

Apple shares temporarily fell 1.99 percent to $ 127.29 on the NASDAQ on Monday.



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