Controls at the German border: Federal police reject 16,000 travelers


Controls at the German border
Federal police reject 16,000 travelers

Because of the spread of corona mutations, there are strict controls on the border with the Czech Republic and Austria.  The  result: within a week, the federal police denied a good 16,000 people from entering Germany. In the meantime, Poland is also considering stricter entry rules.
During border controls at the crossings to the Czech Republic and the Austrian state of Tyrol, almost 16,000 people were turned away this week, 4522 of them alone without a negative Corona test. According to a report by “Bild am Sonntag”, a total of 104,178 people were checked before entering Germany between February 14 and Saturday, and a total of 15,877 people were turned away. In addition to the lack of corona tests, those rejected either had no digital travel registration or were not among the exceptions for entering Germany – such as doctors and nursing staff.

© The  federal government had declared the Czech Republic, Slovakia and large parts of Tyrol in Austria to be so-called virus variant areas. Since last Sunday, only Germans and foreigners with a residence and residence permit in Germany have been allowed to enter from there. © The re are exceptions for truck drivers and cross-border commuters with systemically relevant professions. You must have a negative corona test that is not older than 48 hours.

Federal Police President Dieter Romann was satisfied. “© The  number of rejections has decreased proportionally since the controls began, because the travelers are increasingly behaving in accordance with the rules due to the controls,” he told the newspaper.

In the meantime, Poland is also considering stricter entry rules on the borders with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Health Minister Adam Niedzielski announced a decision for next week on Saturday, according to the PAP news agency. For people who could prove their health with a test result, the limits remained open. But that could change – depending on the development of the pandemic.

Niedzielski expressed the expectation that the current corona wave in Poland would peak in March or April. Currently, there is a ten-day quarantine requirement when entering the country by public transport such as bus or train. Individual traffic and commuters are excluded. This also applies to people who have a current negative test result or who can prove a corona vaccination. Many hospitals in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia are at their limit. With 968 new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants within 14 days, the Czech Republic is at the top across the EU.

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Controls German border Federal police reject travelers


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