Cooler Master: Glass support for heavy graphics cards


With a support made of tempered glass, Cooler Master wants to reduce the load on the graphics card slot.

Current graphics cards from the high-end area also have an enormous weight due to complex cooling solutions. © The  RTX 3090 in the Founders Edition weighs 2.2 kilograms, the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT weighs a little less with 1.5 kilograms. ©

 The  graphics cards, which are usually installed horizontally in the housing, place enormous loads on the PCI slot and the housing locks. With the “Master Accessory ARGB GPU Support Bracket”, manufacturer Cooler Master wants to offer a bracket that can also reliably support heavy graphics cards.

Cooler Master made it from tempered glass so that the support does not destroy the look of the computer. This type of glass, which is treated with heat, is characterized by its high breaking strength when exposed to mechanical or thermal stress. Another advantage of the material: With integrated ARGB lighting, the graphics card support can even be turned into a colored accent. In addition to the tempered glass bracket, the “Master Accessory ARGB GPU Support Bracket” also includes two mounting rails that can be attached to the glass in any orientation. This allows the graphics card to be stabilized either at the rear end or on the side facing the housing cover. Thanks to the magnetic base, no tools are required when installing the bracket. Nevertheless, the accessories are compatible with most of the available graphics cards. According to the manufacturer, the bracket can support graphics cards at a height of 41 to 171 millimeters. Cooler Master states the price of the “Master Accessory ARGB GPU Support Bracket” at EUR 26.99. © The  publication is planned “shortly”. ©

 The  manufacturer has not yet given a specific date.

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Cooler Master Glass support heavy graphics cards


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