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Coop CEO Joos Sutter announces price cuts in his supermarkets


It was the last time that he took stock in front of media representatives. And showed how well Coop did last year despite Corona. After more than ten years at the top, Joos Sutter (56) will take over the presidency of the Coop board of directors in the spring. He is proud of the “very stable” profit, his company is financially on a “strong foundation”. © The  number of employees grew by 305 to a total of 90,825 people. © The  Graubünden company promises that customers will continue to benefit from the success of the Basel retailer.

BLICK: Mr. Sutter, you achieved a strong plus in your core business with the supermarkets. Is it just the alcohol in the range, which was bought above average during the Corona crisis?
Joos Sutter: No, it’s not the alcohol (laughs). Our investments before the Corona crisis are now paying off. We are winning in all areas, especially thanks to the expansion of the range with fresh products. In addition, we now have 157 out of 940 sales outlets – our stores are closer to the people than any other retailer in Switzerland – geared towards the new, modern concept. © The se branches exude a marketplace feeling. It’s fun to shop there.

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Coop CEO Joos Sutter announces price cuts supermarkets


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