Corona and ethics: attention, mined area!


 The  question of data protection versus freedom was almost certainly wrongly decided. © The  sensible “Stop Corona” app was publicly demonized and talked to death until politicians dropped it like a hot potato.

On the other hand, a much more sensitive question was not even discussed (at least in Austria): Who will be vaccinated first? In addition to the medical staff, it began with residents of old people’s homes. That was probably correct, because the virus was raging devastatingly there. On the other hand, there would of course have been arguments to take those in professional life first and to protect the homes more professionally. A lot went really wrong there.

When the level of vaccination coverage of the population is (finally) at, say, 40 percent, we will have to talk about whether this entails more freedom. Israel, well ahead with vaccinations, is planning a green ID card. Carinthia’s governor suggested something similar, albeit historically forgotten, of all things, a yellow bracelet. After a storm of protest, he apologized.

But many countries are already stipulating certain vaccinations upon entry (yellow fever, typhus, etc.). Future trips without corona vaccination? Difficult to imagine – because that means uncertainty for those sitting next to you on the plane and the introduction of new virus mutations into other countries. So others will answer the question for us: Yes, there will be more freedom for those who have been vaccinated, whether that suits the German ethics committee or not.

Another taboo is compulsory vaccination. © The  nursing staff of all people is particularly skeptical of vaccinations, which endangers the patient’s life. Compulsory vaccination for medicine and care would actually be logical, but who other than the head of the bioethics committee dares to speak out? That would require intellectual and moral authority, not just in politics. However, culture, science, and business are primarily concerned with their narrow particular interests. Apropos: Where is the Federal President actually?

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Corona ethics attention mined area


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