Corona: Asthma spray probably prevents severe Covid-19 courses


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Doctors tested the treatment of Covid patients with an asthma spray that contains a special active ingredient. ©

 The  results give hope.

Many drugs are used “off-label” against corona. This means that the drugs are used in Covid patients even though they do not have any approval from the regulatory authorities. With “off-label-use” is meant the “non-intended use”. A British study also dealt with the subject and examined How the administration of budesonide-containing asthma sprays affected the mildly ill – with very good results.

Budesonide is a synthetic glucocorticoid that is used, among other things, for bronchial asthma *. ©

 The  146 adults who took part in the study either received standard therapy or were given the budesonide-containing inhalation spray twice daily, informs the Pharmazeutische Zeitung (PZ). ©

 The  budesonide was administered in the form of dry powder and in a dosage of 800 micrograms via a commercially available inhaler, it says.

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90 percent less severe corona courses from budesonide spray


 The  study funded by the Astrazeneca company was based on the assumption that glucocorticoids that are inhaled can prevent severe corona disease. According to the PZ, this hypothesis is supported by the observation that severe Covid-19 courses are significantly underrepresented among asthma patients. ©

 The  Oxford study also paints such a picture: 28 days after the start of the study, the participants were examined and it was found that the spray had had an effect. ©

 The  patients treated with budesonide recovered on average one day faster than the control group. In addition, the researchers were able to prove that the administration of budesonide-containing spray had reduced the frequency of severe courses by 90 percent, reported the Ärzteblatt. ©

 The  main reason for this is that glucocorticoids such as budesonide inhibit the replication of Sars-CoV-2 in airway tissue. Laboratory studies have shown this, as informed by the Ärzteblatt.

Since the study is only one low number of participants larger, independent clinical studies must follow before asthma sprays containing corticosteroids can be prescribed as part of corona therapies, the study says. (jg) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

To the study

Survey on the subject of corona vaccination

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 The se viruses and bacteria make us sick


 The se viruses and bacteria make us sick

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Corona Asthma spray prevents severe Covid19 courses


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