Corona: AstraZeneca vaccine becomes slow-moving


The AstraZeneca vaccine is increasingly turning out to be slow-moving in Germany. As the Robert Koch Institute’s new vaccination monitoring system shows, up to and including Monday of this week, out of more than 1.4 million doses of this vaccine already delivered, only 211,886 doses were inoculated.
According to SPIEGEL calculations, only 24,866 doses of AstraZeneca found their way into the upper arms of vaccination candidates this Monday.

At this rate, it would take around seven weeks to dispose of the remaining stocks of more than 1.2 million unused doses of the AstraZeneca preparation. According to a statement by the Federal Ministry of Health, Germany expects another new AstraZeneca delivery of 650,000 cans at the weekend.

While thousands of people in this country skip their AstraZeneca vaccination appointments or do not even register, Great Britain has already vaccinated several million citizens with this substance.
First results indicate a high effectiveness. In Scotland, new analyzes by universities and the health authorities show that the first of two vaccinations with the AstraZeneca preparation after four weeks reduces the risk of hospitalization for Covid-19 by up to 94 percent. With the Biontech vaccine it was 85 percent.
In order to use the unpopular AstraZeneca vaccine in Germany, the federal and state governments have decided to vaccinate employees in primary schools and daycare centers faster than originally planned. These people are preferred in the sequence of vaccinations.
The chairwoman of the German Ethics Council, Alena Buyx, promptly denounced this. The medical ethicist is making the change in prioritization in favor of teachers and educators, “stomach ache,” Buyx said on Deutschlandfunk. There are “many other groups where the risks are simply really higher.” But if AstraZeneca is really not accepted, “then you have to think about what to do.”
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Corona AstraZeneca vaccine slowmoving


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