Corona carnival in Einsiedeln – suddenly they were there – and the police were overwhelmed


 The  day after it turns out: © The  police have completely misjudged the situation in Einsiedeln. Meanwhile, the government council is resisting malice.

Over a thousand people came to the Sühudi parade, the start of Güdelsmontag in Einsiedeln.
Over a thousand people came to the Sühudi-Umzug, ofn Start in den Güdelsmontag in Einsiedeln.


Call the Schwyz Security Directorate. Not a more ordinary Employee takes the call, no, it’s the security director maximumpersonally. «Huwiler»it sounds «I already guess what it’s about. Probably around the carnival.»

Government Councilor Herbert Huwiler knows the Einsiedler carnival zireally good. He iwent to school in Einsiedeln Abbey. Er knows how it works on Monday. Nine o’clock in the morning, that’s a fixed date, the Sühudi-Umzug, the start of Güdelmontag. «A wild thing since Hfor years. Traditionally something is also served there.» It is an occasion that just happens, without advertising, without posters, without an organizer. People just come out of their homes. Suddenly they are there.

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Corona carnival Einsiedeln suddenly police overwhelmed


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