Corona crash: car production collapses by a quarter – economy


 The  Corona year 2020 plunged the entire German economy into crisis. Millions of people receive short-time work benefits, hundreds of thousands fear for their economic future.

German industry also produced significantly less in the Corona year. ©

 The  auto industry suffered the most from this: it recorded a minus of 25 percent!

In April 2020, car production collapsed by 84.3 percent compared to the previous year; in May, a decrease of 52.7 percent was recorded. After all: the industry seems to be recovering. In December, the gap compared to the same period of the previous year was only one percent.

According to statisticians, sales of the auto industry companies operating in Germany in 2020 were 17.8 percent below the previous year’s level, adjusted for price and calendar changes.
In terms of sales, the automotive industry is Germany’s most important branch of industry. 809,000 people in the 968 companies with more than 50 employees generated a total turnover of 379.3 billion euros in 2020. This corresponded to a share of almost 23 percent of the total turnover of all industrial companies in Germany.

Overall, industrial production in the Corona year 2020 was, according to preliminary information from the Federal Statistical Office, 10.8 percent lower than in 2019. ©

 The  manufacturing industry also recorded the largest slump in the first phase of the corona-related restrictions in April and May.


 The  minus was 29.7 percent in April and 23.4 percent in May compared to the same month of the previous year. For comparison: In December 2020 the backlog in industrial production was only minus 1.5 percent.

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Corona crash car production collapses quarter economy


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