Corona crisis – federal secret paper should show vaccination privileges – you have to know that



Confederation secret paper should show vaccination privileges – you have to know that

Vaccinated people are to receive some privileges during the summer, according to a federal debate paper.  The  most important questions and answers.

Allegedly, the Federal Council is planning vaccination privileges for people who are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Allegedly, the Federal Council is planning vaccination privileges for people who are vaccinated against the coronavirus.


(jaw/ Federal President Guy Parmelin has already hinted at it in an interview with “NZZ am Sonntag”. Those who get themselves vaccinated against Corona should receive advantages, for example when visiting clubs. Now it’s getting a little more specific.


 The  “Blick” was given access to a confidential debate paper penned by Federal Councilor Berset’s interior department. As a result, the Federal Council passed resolutions on Wednesday. ©

 The  goal is to give the population an incentive to vaccinate. «Blick» writes:


 The  state government has decided to allow special treatment according to vaccination status – without any additional legal basis.”


 The  following information leaked:

What privileges are we talking about?

Private commercial and cultural enterprises should be able to give preferential treatment to vaccinated persons. According to federal plans, anyone who provides proof of vaccination may visit clubs and theaters again, or be served inside a restaurant, for example.


 The  control is incumbent on the companies, it says literally in the paper: “In this case, operators and organizers would have to request appropriate proof of a complete vaccination.”

And what happens to the unvaccinated?


 The y should not be disadvantaged. Pregnant women or those who are allergic to vaccinations would simply have to show a negative corona test. ©

 The  same applies to those who have not received a vaccination appointment. Alternatively, a quick test could be carried out on site.

And what’s in the workplace?

That is not yet defined. Social partners, i.e. employers and trade unions, should clarify this with each other, it says in the paper.

A special case applies to hospitals and homes. According to the Epidemics Act, one could make vaccination mandatory for nursing staff, but this is highly controversial. “Solution”: ©

 The  Federal Council is shifting responsibility to the cantons, it says in “Blick”. According to the paper, the cantons are responsible for this.

When could privileges come?

That depends mainly on the vaccination campaign. Because according to the discussion paper, the vaccination privileges would only apply if the vaccination is also available for non-risk patients. In theory, that would be from May or June at the latest – provided the vaccination campaign goes as planned.

And when would the privileges end?

Once herd immunity is achieved. Ideally, it would be at the end of summer, when 60 to 70 percent of the population should be vaccinated. In the vaccination paper it says:


 The  period between a possible introduction of differentiations according to vaccination status, which requires a sufficient level of the vaccination quota, and reaching the critical number of vaccinated people should only be a few weeks.”

And what about public transport?

Federal President Parmelin said in an interview on Sunday that people vaccinated in public transport could also enjoy some advantages. Under certain circumstances, they should be able to do without the mask, while unvaccinated people would have to continue to wear masks.

But that seems off the table: According to the confidential paper, the mask requirement would also apply to vaccinated people. ©

 The  reason is the obligation to carry and the excessive effort to control the passengers. No distinction should be made in hospitals and public buildings either.

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Corona crisis federal secret paper show vaccination privileges


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