Corona deniers: Thuringia State Medical Association is investigating two doctors


 The  State Medical Association of Thuringia is investigating two Thuringian doctors because of their position in the corona pandemic. A spokeswoman said on Wednesday that there were a total of 22 indications against members of the chamber that would be examined. © The re are two “professional investigations”. ©

 The  doctors are said to have taken part in demonstrations against the corona protective measures, denied the dangers of the pandemic, issued certificates exempting them from the mask requirement and behaved in an unfriendly manner. In one case, criminal proceedings are running parallel to professional legal proceedings because of issuing false mask certificates, according to the State Medical Association.

© The  introduction of the professional legal proceedings against the AfD member of the Bundestag and doctor Robby Schlund from Gera, which is one of the two initiated proceedings, made headlines in the fall. It’s about a poster on which the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten can be seen in convict clothing with the inscription “Guilty”. Schlund had worn this on a corona demonstration in Berlin last summer. ©

 The  medical professional code obliges physicians to behave in a collegial manner with one another. ©

 The  State Medical Association has 13,000 members, including retirees.

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Corona deniers Thuringia State Medical Association investigating doctors


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