Corona Expert Council: The Ministry of the Interior and the Germanist


THELast Thursday afternoon, tto Kölbl sent a message to the world via Twitter. “Mao has come to power in a country where the highly cultured intellectual elite previously ruled unrestrictedly.” He adds: “

 The n Mao sent the intellectuals cleaning the toilet, and the country developed while it was previously the ‘sick man of Asia’.”

When a reader complains, Kölbl publicly complains about “brainwashing our academic China experts and our media about China, specifically about the time under Mao”.

Kölbl, 52, was appointed to an internal corona expert council by the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) in March 2020. This group, which also included several economic experts, developed a strategy paper entitled “How to get Covid-19 under control”. Kölbl was one of the leading authors.

Otto Kölbl is neither a virologist nor a sociologist, lawyer or expert in another subject that deals with the pandemic itself. Kölbl is a Germanist. Not a professor, but a PhD student at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

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