Corona in Berlin: medical officers are calling for a new easing strategy



Berlin’s medical officers are calling for a new easing strategy

A smear is checked for the coronavirus in a laboratory.

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According to a report, the medical officers in Berlin are in favor of no longer linking the easing to the incidence values.

According to a media report, Berlin’s medical officers unanimously demand that easing no longer be linked to general incidence values. It is “not expedient to couple containment measures to incidences of 20/35/50”, according to the Tagesspiegel in a statement by all twelve medical officers. Instead, the doctors propose “intensive measures of infection prevention” for the elderly and the sick and, at the same time, a moderation of the measures for other groups such as school children. © The  paper was sent to the Senate Chancellery as a statement at the weekend.

© The se incidences do not reflect the real infection process,” write the medical officers. © The  incidences are dependent on test capacities and people’s willingness to test. “This leads to fluctuations that do not reflect the infectious situation,” the newspaper quotes the doctors. It makes a difference whether incidences are due to cluster outbreaks or widespread contamination and also which age groups are infected.

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Medical officers: Incidence analysis based on age groups

An incidence analysis based on age groups is necessary as an “early warning system”. According to the Tagesspiegel, there was a “big difference” from the group of medical officers, whether there is a seven-day incidence of 50, all infected children and people over 80 have already been vaccinated, or if the incidence is 50, especially risk groups are concerned. ©

 The n you have to align the political measures.

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Corona Berlin medical officers calling easing strategy


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