Corona in Germany: Rethinking the sequence of vaccinations? The federal and state governments want to decide today


Today it will be discussed how the corona vaccination strategy will continue in Germany. Karl Lauterbach warns of the third wave. All information in the news ticker.

  • Corona* in Germany: Due to the spread of the Virus mutations warns Karl Lauterbach before a whole new one pandemic in a third Wave of infection.
  •  The re are reinforced ones at the borders Controls: Thousands of people were at the borders too Tirol and Czech Republic rejected.
  • Industry associations of the economy demand one Corona step-by-step plan For Germany.

+++ 7.55 a.m .: On Monday afternoon, the federal and state governments want one modification of the Corona vaccination strategy speak. An adaptation of the Vaccination sequence is under discussion. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers commissioned Health Minister Jens Spahn to examine a change in the prioritization: ©

 The  focus of the considerations is on teachers and educators.

With view on openings from Elementary schools and Next are these considerations that have to be made. Various actors in the school environment had also called for this, such as the Union for Education and Science (GEW) or the school management association in Lower Saxony.

To a Adaptation of the Vaccination sequence to enable the Crown-Impfverordnung be changed. According to the Federal Statistical Office, approx a million people affected by such a change. You were promoted from group three (increased priority) to group two (high priority). Several federal states and Jens Spahn are in favor. That reports the Daily show.

Classes are to be resumed in primary schools. That is why there are changes to the corona vaccination strategy in Germany (symbol picture).

© Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

Corona in Germany: virus mutants are spreading

First report from Monday, February 22nd, 2021, 7 a.m .: Kassel – ©

 The  SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has been on Twitter for the momentary Corona-Situation in Germany voiced. “©

 The  third wave begins now,” says the politician. ©

 The  Case numbers would give cause for concern, because the R-value rises above one – on Saturday (02/21/2021) it was 7-day R-value 1.07. If the number of reproductions is above one, an increase in the number of infections is forecast.

Lauterbach is already expecting a third Corona-Welle©

 The  only question is how fast and how strong it is Germany grasped and how we should meet it. “Of the Lockdown is strong enough the original Sars-CoV-2 to displace. ©

 The  new mutants, especially those from Great Britain and South Africa, are expanding, ”Lauterbach told SWR.

Corona in Germany: Lauterbach warns of third wave

According to SPD politicians Lauterbach if it is through the Corona-Mutanten now a completely new pandemic. * This could, however, due to the ongoing lockdown in Germany not contained enough. That is why Lauterbach does not think the opening of schools from Monday (February 22, 2021) is a good idea – he is also calling for changes to the previous vaccination strategy.

Corona in Germany: economic effects of the pandemic


 The  fear of the economic impact of the Corona-Krise is widespread. Various industry associations, such as the DIHK, beat you Step-by-step plan im Corona-Lockdown in front. ©

 The  research institute of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) has therefore carried out another company survey to determine the situation in Germany to check.

From a “Bankruptcy wave” due to the Corona-Pandemie one does not go out, but it could “in the course of the year to one Increase in bankruptcies and company closings are coming. ”This is what the director of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Bernd Fitzenberger, told the Newspapers of the Funke media group. Almost a quarter of all companies surveyed in Germany only had liquid funds that were still available for the next four weeks would be enough

SPD politician Karl Lauterbach warns of the spread of the British Corona mutant in Germany and calls for a stricter lockdown. (Archive image)

© Kay Nietfeld / dpa

Corona in Germany: Thousands of people turned away at border controls

Control at the borders of Germany to Austria (state of Tyrol) and the Czech Republic were among other things because of increasing cases of Corona-Mutanten tightened. Entry is currently only possible with a valid entry registration and a negative Covid test. A total of 4,522 people tried without the latter – and were ultimately turned away.

From 02/14/2021 to 02/21/2021, over 100,000 people (104,178) were checked. 15,877 of these people was entering the country Germany denied – partly because of missing Corona-Tests, but also because of missing entry registrations. This comes from a report by the Picture on sunday emerged. (Alina Schröder) * and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

Headline list image: © Frank Rumpenhorst / dpa

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