Corona in the USA: Biden gives emotional corona commemorative speech


US President Joe Biden. Image: keystone

“I know the feeling when you stare at the empty chair” – Biden gives an emotional speech

America commemorates the corona dead.  The re are now over half a million dead.

© The  flag over the White House flies at half-mast in the cold winter air, and hundreds of candles on the south side of the building are a reminder of the countless corona deaths in the USA. President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and her husband Douglas Emhoff bow to the victims.

With bowed heads they observe a minute’s silence on the south side of the White House, hands clasped as if in prayer. Shortly afterwards, a military band played the song “Amazing Grace”.

“Today we mark a truly gloomy and heart-wrenching milestone,” said Biden in a speech on Monday evening (local time) immediately before the memorial event. According to data from the University of Johns Hopkins (JHU), the USA exceeded the threshold of more than half a million corona deaths. “That’s more Americans who died in a year of the pandemic than in World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War combined,” Biden said. “That’s more lives taken from the virus than any other country in the world,” he said.

Biden warns against dulling

However, the President warned Americans not to become dulled by the “unimaginable” number of victims. “We have to resist becoming deaf to suffering. We have to defend ourselves against seeing every life as a statistic ”, demanded Biden. “We have to do this to honor the dead. It is just as important to care for the living, those who have been left behind, ”Biden said. Every corona death had family, friends and an “extraordinary life” that ended too soon.

He knows what it’s like to stare at an empty chair at the kitchen table. “It brings everything back, no matter how long it was.” Biden himself lost his first wife and daughter in the 1970s, and a son to a brain tumor in 2015.

Biden talks about the loss:

To commemorate the dead, Biden ordered flags to be lowered to half-mast across the country. This applies for five days at public buildings, military bases, and US government diplomatic missions abroad. In the House of Representatives, the deputies rose to a minute’s silence.

Devastating winter months

© The  winter months of the pandemic were devastating in the United States. Since the beginning of January alone, more than 150,000 people have died after being infected with the coronavirus. © The re are now 28.2 million confirmed infections in the country with around 330 million inhabitants.

Recently, however, there has been hope that the situation will improve soon. © The  number of new infections every day fell from more than 200,000 at the beginning of January to less than 70,000. And the vaccination campaign is also progressing: So far, 44 million people in the USA have received the first vaccination, around 19.4 million people have already received both vaccine doses, according to data from the CDC.

Biden has been putting massive pressure on the vaccination campaign since he took office a month ago. © The  USA will now receive around 600 million doses of vaccine from manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer / Biontech by the end of July, which would be sufficient for all adults in the country. According to some experts – if everything goes well and only a small proportion of Americans refuse to be vaccinated – the worst of the pandemic could be over by autumn.

Perseverance and hope

«This country will laugh again, this country will have sunny days again. This country will experience joy again », Biden said confidently:

Biden did not give a specific point in time when he expected a return to a certain normality in the country. However, he was confident that the situation should improve significantly in the second half of the year. Biden declared: “We never gave up. We are America. We can and will do it. “

However, many experts warn that the spread of new variants could soon lead to an increase in new infections. © The  government is particularly concerned about the spread of the variant discovered in Great Britain, which is considered to be significantly more contagious. According to the CDC, it could become the predominant variant of the virus by the end of March.

© The  United States is the worst hit country by the pandemic in absolute terms. In relation to the number of inhabitants, however, the number of deaths is higher in some European countries. According to the Johns Hopkins data, around 152 people per 100,000 people died in the USA. In Belgium this figure is 192, in Great Britain 182, in Italy 158. In Switzerland, 113 people per 100,000 people died. In many countries, experts also assume a high number of unreported cases of infections and deaths. (sda / dpa)


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Corona USA Biden emotional corona commemorative speech


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