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“It started with a point.  The n it grew to almost half a million points. “


 The  “New York Times” tweeted this on Sunday and referred to the front page of their print edition. It was dedicated to the unbelievably high number of corona deaths in the USA, officially 499,334. In a terribly impressive graphic, every American who died as a result of the virus infection is symbolized by a point – there are so many that you only have to still looks gray and black.

Almost half a million deaths! “No other country has so many deaths in this pandemic,” writes Julie Bosman in her editorial. “More Americans lost their lives because of Covid-19 than on the battlefields of World War I and II and the Vietnam War combined.” And the bereaved mourn every victim, Bosman continued. ©

 The  dead left gaps, in every city of the vast country and also in the country.

Coronavirus worldwide: countries with the most reported Covid-19 cases -

This impressive graphic to the text is not new. It was published online in January, but has been continuously updated and is now being printed for the first time on the front page. Bill Marsh, who is responsible for printing the “New York Times”, is impressed by the effect the simple accumulation of so many black dots can achieve: “©

 The  fact that we can create something with half a million dots on a page of paper is over the fact that people ponder just looking makes it a perfect cover, ”he writes.

Covid-19: Coronavirus cases worldwide (overview / statistics) - infographic


 The  point idea of ​​the “New York Times” is heavily discussed in the comments under the online version. One reader writes, “Yes, it boils down to a terrible ‘pro-death’ standpoint, but we cannot go on like this forever – the harm to relationships, mental health, economic well-being, and more is significant and affects everyone. Unfortunately, people focus on what affects them personally – if you are under 65 you are probably less worried about this virus than someone over 65. If you work in the tourism industry, your life has been devastated in the last year been. ”

One reader sarcastically replied to the comment: “Sorry, New York Times.” Nothing can penetrate the Republican brain. You will not be able to make an impression on the vast majority of them with their graphics – unfortunately ten million deaths would not change that either. “

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