Corona: Karl Lauterbach names the biggest mistake in the Covid fight


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Steps, levels, packages – politicians are feverishly considering how the corona lockdown after elementary schools can be further relaxed for the time being. However, the increasing numbers of infections stand in the way of all hopes. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach warns of the third wave and names the biggest mistake in the fight against Covid-19 on Twitter.

  • Politicians are feverishly considering how the corona lockdown can be further relaxed
  • Karl Lauterbach warns of the third wave in “Welt”
  • On Twitter, he names the biggest mistake in the Covid fight

When can the corona lockdown end? In view of the further spread of the more contagious virus variants, further opening is not in sight for the time being, said Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). On Monday (February 22), she spoke out in favor of a strategy of opening up various areas in packages – and at the same time urged caution.

While numerous daycare centers and schools in ten federal states started and opened on Monday, Merkel pleaded again for a cautious strategy in view of the concerns about a third corona wave. Opening steps would have to be coupled with increased tests and introduced wisely, said Merkel, according to participants in online deliberations of the CDU presidium.

Worried about the third wave? SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach said on the news channel “Welt” on Monday: “ The  third wave has already started.” He warned strongly against loosening up in the third wave that is now beginning.

Karl Lauterbach: “A third wave is coming”

“We will be able to expect steadily increasing numbers of cases in the next few weeks,” said the epidemiologist. “©

 The n there might be a few days when it stays stable. But by and large, the case numbers are now increasing because the B.1.1.7, i.e. mutation, has prevailed, the South African mutation will also come. That means a third wave is coming. ”

If you loosen up in such a wave, it is “very difficult”, Lauterbach continues. “This will mean, for example, that many schools will have to be closed again if they are opened. That’s just the law of epidemiology and virology. You can plan easing steps here, but if you take them too early, the incidences will rise and then you won’t be able to sustain it. “

Karl Lauterbach names “biggest mistake in our fight against Covid”


 The  vast majority of experts agree: An important building block for a way out of the corona crisis is the widespread use of vaccines. But Lauterbach had also drastically criticized that on Saturday on Twitter. He looks with concern at the rate of vaccination in Germany.

“No matter how you twist or turn it. ©

 The  inadequate and late development of vaccination capacity by the EU will go down in history as the biggest mistake in our fight against Covid, “wrote Lauterbach in a tweet.

Karl Lauterbach: “Game changer can be pragmatic bringing forward the first dose”

In later posts he went into more detail on the vaccination strategy: “©

 The  EU has the oldest population, cannot afford this vaccination rate for a long time in the beginning of the 3rd wave”, the SPD politician comments on a graphic that shows that the EU is wide fewer people received a first dose of vaccine than in the USA, Great Britain or Israel, for example.

His proposed solution: “A game changer can only be a pragmatic bringing forward of the first dose, because deaths and hospital cases are massively reduced.”

Karl Lauterbach has also called for the Astrazeneca vaccine to be released immediately for all those under 65 years of age from the first three groups to be vaccinated with priority. “©

 The  vaccine is left behind because not enough people from the first priority group register or do not show up for the appointment. This is an absurd and unbearable situation, “he told the” Bild am Sonntag “.

Karl Lauterbach: Lauterbach: Astrazeneca vaccine for all three priority groups

“With the Astrazeneca vaccine, we should now unbureaucratically open the vaccination centers to everyone under the age of 65 from the first three priority groups. ©

 The n we could finally fully utilize the vaccination centers. ”

A draft from the Federal Ministry of Health, which was also forwarded to the federal states on Monday, now provides that teachers at primary schools and kindergarten teachers can be vaccinated against the coronavirus earlier. Specifically, “people who work in childcare facilities, day care and primary schools” should be brought forward from the third group to the second group of the vaccination sequence. (mg / dpa)

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Corona Karl Lauterbach names biggest mistake Covid fight


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