Corona, Karl Lauterbach: “Third wave can no longer be stopped”


Germany Corona-Pandemie

 The  third wave can no longer be stopped,” says Lauterbach

“Consider it responsible towards the children”

SPD health politician Professor Karl Lauterbach is skeptical of the easing of schools and daycare centers. In the WELT interview, he explains why he would not have opened until the rapid test problem had been resolved.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach sees Germany already at the beginning of a third corona wave. ©

 The  current lockdown would not stop the virus mutations. Even warmer weather would therefore not be the solution.

NAfter a phase of relaxation, the corona numbers have recently increased again slightly. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach sees Germany at the beginning of a third wave. “We are not yet in the middle of the third wave of infections, but this has started and can no longer be stopped,” he told the “Passauer Neue Presse”. With regard to the targeted incidence values, Lauterbach said: “I believe that if we get into the third wave so early, we will no longer be able to achieve the incidence number of 35 in many places.”

According to Lauterbach, opening steps would have to be moved backwards. ©

 The  proportion of mutated variants in new infections is already so high that the next wave begins out of lockdown.

Spring won’t help either, thinks Lauterbach. “©

 The re are experts I don’t even know who believe that the risk will decrease for seasonal reasons. None of this will happen. ©

 The  problem will not be solved by the better weather. ©

 The  British variant B 1.1.7 is not pushed back by this. ©

 The  new variants of the virus will prevail. “

When schools opened, Lauterbach warned beforehand to be careful. “From my point of view it would make sense to only open schools if the testing of the children with antigen self-tests is guaranteed – and they are not yet approved,” he told the newspapers of the “Funke Mediengruppe”. It must be possible to test the children in alternating lessons twice a week. That is the prerequisite for a responsible return to face-to-face teaching.

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FDP Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) again pleaded for a cautious strategy for possible openings on Monday in view of the concerns about a third corona wave. Opening steps would have to be cleverly introduced coupled with increased tests, said Merkel, according to participants in online deliberations of the CDU presidium. ©

 The  citizens are longing for an opening strategy, she understands.

Merkel gives hope, Seibert dampens

Merkel made it clear that she saw three areas for which packages of an opening strategy had to be put together. On the one hand it is about the area of ​​personal contacts, on the other hand it is about schools and vocational schools as well as a third package with sports groups, restaurants and culture. ©

 The  aim is to put packages together to make opening possible and then adapt, she was quoted as saying.

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A little later, government spokesman Steffen Seibert dampened hopes for a quick opening. “©

 The  good development that has brought us the number of infections falling every day over a long period is over for the moment. ©

 The  numbers are rising again. ”©

 The  share of the British virus variant is 20 to 25 percent. One must assume that this proportion will continue to increase. This should be taken into account with “careful opening steps”.

Seibert urged patience. As a result of the partial opening of schools in most federal states this Monday, there is “a considerable increase in contacts and thus also in transmission risks”. Nobody wants to take back openings. “What we open, we want to hold out.” But it is now important to first look very carefully to what extent the school openings bring about changes in the infection process.

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