Corona, Karl Lauterbach: Vaccinated people in Israel are probably not contagious


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Vaccinated people are probably not contagious – “Great importance,” says Lauterbach

“Israel shows us how to do it in all these things”

Rapid test offensive, falling incidence values ​​and the EU drug authority begins testing another vaccine from the German manufacturer CureVac. In an interview with WELT, epidemiologist Prof. Timo Ulrichs explains whether “35” is really still necessary.

Can herd immunity be achieved with the Biontech vaccine? For Karl Lauterbach, the results of a study from Israel are a clear indication of this. You don’t get infected – and you don’t even be contagious. That would make a return to normal life possible.

Dhe SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach expresses the hope that the vaccine from Pfizer and Biontech can achieve herd immunity. In an interview with the newspaper “Bild am Sonntag” Lauterbach refers to the results of a study by the Israeli Ministry of Health and Pfizer.

 The se evaluations are of great importance. © The y are the first clear indication that after vaccination you are neither infected nor contagious, ”he explains. In this way, the vaccination would actually enable herd immunity – “and enable a return to normal life”.

According to this study, the risk of developing severe disease after two doses of the vaccine is reduced by 95.8 percent. In 98 percent of the cases, the vaccine prevents fever and breathing problems, in 98.9 percent of the cases an infection with Sars-CoV-2 does not lead to hospitalization or death after vaccination.

Ambitious vaccination program in Israel

© The  data are based on nationwide surveys. Israel, which has a population of around 9.3 million people, runs one of the most ambitious vaccination programs in the world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expects 95 percent of citizens over the age of 50 to be vaccinated in two weeks. Against this background, schools and many shops are allowed to reopen from this Sunday.

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For comparison: Germany has around nine times as many inhabitants as Israel. So far, almost 3.2 million people there have received a first and almost 1.7 million a second vaccination.

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The technical solution for contact tracking from Jens Spahn's ministry is not well received by many health authorities

Israel’s Corona officer Nachman Asch told the army broadcaster on Sunday that the data should be treated with caution: “We don’t yet know enough about infections, that is the big unknown.” It is clear that the vaccination prevents serious disease progression. “But I don’t know to what extent it prevents vaccinated people from carrying and passing on the virus.” He hopes that more will be found out about it in the coming weeks.

Health ministry director general Professor Chesi Levy said the data showed a significant decrease in disease and death rates. “We are the first country in the world that was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the corona vaccine in the real clinical world.”

Facilitation for vaccinated citizens

Israel on Sunday introduced relief for citizens who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or have recovered from illness. With a Green Pass you can visit fitness studios, hotels, theaters or sporting events, among other things. Health Minister Juli Edelstein wrote on Twitter that more than 3.2 million Israelis could now enjoy these benefits. © The  aim is to stimulate the economy in the country again. “© The  Green Passport is gradually opening the country again,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday evening.

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