Corona: Kretschmann clashes with entrepreneurs and even threatens “real lockdown”


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At the CDU economic council meeting, there is a quarrel between Baden-Württemberg’s prime minister and entrepreneurs. ©

 The n Kretschmann finds sharp words.

Stuttgart – Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) recently clashed with entrepreneurs. He was a guest on Thursday at the digital discussion event of the Baden-Württemberg regional association of the CDU Economic Council. It was – of course – also about Corona.

After a month-long lockdown, retail is waiting for opportunities to open. ©

 The y made this request to Kretschmann on Thursday. Many entrepreneurs feared for their existence, said state chairman Joachim Rudolf. “©

 The  tough back and forth between lockdown and easing robs our strengths and becomes the bone of contention at state levels.” Kretschmann reacted gruffly: “Of course I always hear opening, opening, opening,” he said. “I only ever hear opening. I would like to experience someone who says, now do something a little sharper. I never hear that! “And added:” We are not closing the shops because we now have authoritarian appetites. “One also has to consider the consequences for the pandemic.

Winfried Kretschmann clashes with entrepreneurs – rejects opening calls

Kretschmann expressed understanding that the burden on retail was enormous and that the mood in the basement was enormous. A third wave, which is even worse than the second, could not be in the interests of the economy. “©

 The n we’ll do a real lockdown – it hasn’t even existed before.” ©

 The  overwhelming part of the economy is currently not affected by the measures, said Kretschmann. Only with a stable incidence of 35 – Baden-Württemberg could be the first state to reach this incidence – the retail trade will gradually reopen under specifications. ©

 The  mutants are another factor of uncertainty. ©

 The n you might have to row back again. “In the end it is a matter of life and death.” Kretschmann appealed to the entrepreneurs: “Help us to keep the pandemic under control and it no longer gets out of hand.”

“We are not heard,” criticized Christoph Werner, head of the drugstore chain dm. He called on Kretschmann to sensitize his ministries to the fact that contact with the economy was sought. “We can’t get to people.” Not all options are currently being discussed, and good solutions are not being worked out. Kretschmann defended his course – including a curfew, which the administrative court in Mannheim received. “©

 The  privations are paying off.” ©

 The  courts just applied different standards, he says. Baden-Württemberg now has one of the lowest incidences among the federal states. (aka with dpa)


 The  number of new corona infections is increasing. ©

 The  R-value exceeds an important threshold again for the first time. RKI boss Wieler with warning words.

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Corona Kretschmann clashes entrepreneurs threatens real lockdown


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