Corona: Lauterbach cancels planned Astrazeneca vaccination – health experts in danger from outsiders?


After the ongoing criticism of the vaccine from the manufacturer Astrazeneca, health expert Karl Lauterbach wanted to be vaccinated. But now the service at the vaccination center has to be canceled.

Update from February 19, 2020:  The  SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has canceled his planned service in a Leverkusen vaccination center. “Unfortunately there have been so many announced protests against the Leverkusen vaccination center in advance that I have to cancel the start first. Police and security authorities saw a threat, ”Lauterbach tweeted on Friday. ©

 The  politician had previously announced that “like all members of the vaccination center” would also be vaccinated with the Astrazeneca vaccine.

“Since I do not want to endanger either the great colleagues or the operation of the center, I withdraw. However, it is a shame how strong the influence of radical minorities on our actions is now growing, ”wrote Lauterbach on Friday on Twitter.

Corona vaccine: Lauterbach has Astrazeneca injected – and explains possible new vaccination strategy

Original notification from February 18, 2020: Berlin – While there are currently around 2,500 vaccination appointments in Saxony, many thousands of citizens are still waiting for a vaccination offer. But although the willingness to vaccinate in Germany has increased significantly in recent weeks, the vaccine from the manufacturer Astrazeneca is making headlines. After a noticeably large number of clinic employees reported sick after being vaccinated with the vaccine, two clinics in Germany temporarily stopped vaccination of the active ingredient. But now SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach (57) wants to set a good example.

Corona: Astrazeneca vaccine under fire – Karl Lauterbach is clearly positioning himself


 The  doctor will work as a vaccination doctor in a Leverkusen vaccination center in the coming week, and Lauterbach will then also be supplied with the vaccine himself. “Like all members of the vaccination center, I will of course be vaccinated with Astrazeneca,” said the doctor and member of the Bundestag, the “Tagesspiegel”. ©

 The  health expert also wanted to make a clear “commitment to Astrazeneca, it is a safe and good vaccine”.


 The  recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission to use this vaccine only for under 65-year-olds “has obviously damaged the vaccine, many unjustifiably see it as a second-class vaccine,” criticized Lauterbach. It is important to adhere to the sequence of vaccinations. It is not advisable to only give the vaccine doses to volunteers. “That would mean that the largest risk groups, including doctors and nurses under 65, are at risk for a longer period of time,” the health expert continues.

Corona vaccinations are getting off to a slow start – but health experts dares to make an unusual proposal

Karl Lauterbach goes even further in the interview; according to his own statements, his proposal could potentially save thousands of lives. “From the 14th day after the first dose of Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna, the protection is around 92 percent. It is extremely unlikely that protection will drop in the weeks thereafter. So you could consider starting the second dose after six or twelve weeks. ”By delaying the second dose, more people could get the important first dose. ©

 The  vector-based Astrazeneca agent is an important building block in the EU’s vaccination strategy, as it is comparatively cheap and has less stringent requirements in terms of transport and storage than the mRNA vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna. This is crucial for the path towards vaccinations in medical practices.

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Corona Lauterbach cancels planned Astrazeneca vaccination health experts danger outsiders


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