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© The  months-long closure of the pubs and restaurants has serious consequences for breweries, according to the industry association.

© The y hardly sell draft beer and lose such important income, as the companies complain in an open letter.

“Goods worth many millions of euros, whose expiration date has passed, had to be destroyed,” says the letter published on Monday.

In addition to pubs, restaurants, pubs and bars, there were also no festivals as a sales point for draft beer.

A man draws beer from a wooden barrel (Photo: Armin Weigel / dpa)
A man draws beer from a wooden barrel (Photo: Armin Weigel / dpa)

According to their own statements, the 1,500 brewers have so far largely missed out on aid programs. Many of them are artisanal family businesses.

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“If the federal and state governments do not take targeted, decisive and quick countermeasures with financial support, many of our companies are threatened with bankruptcy,” it continues.

© The  “beer bar” in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district is closed (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

According to the Federal Statistical Office, brewers sold 5.5 percent less beer last year alone than in 2019. ©

 The  industry is demanding a reimbursement for perishable goods that cannot be sold, an expansion of aid to brewery inns, tax relief and KfW loans as well as a Opening strategy for the catering industry.

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Corona lockdown beer worth millions poured Berlin


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