Corona mortality depends on the load on the intensive care units


 The  course and number of victims of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic are extremely dependent on the number of infections in society. ©

 The  greater the utilization or overload of intensive care departments, the higher the Covid-19 mortality. This was the result of a US study recently published in JAMA Network Open has appeared.

Dawn Bravata and the co-authors performed an analysis of the data from 8,516 patients at 88 hospitals of the US Department of Veterans Affairs Hospitals. 8,014 of them were men; the mean age was 67.9 years.

This study showed – which is likely to be in line with an international trend – for the hospitals of the US veterans authority, the mortality rate in the intensive care units (ICU) declining as the pandemic continued: 22.9 percent in March 2020, 25, 0 percent in April, but only 15.5 percent in May. In June the mortality was 13.6 percent, in July 12.5 percent and in August 12.8 percent. ©

 The  study is also reported in the anesthesia blog ( of the Austrian intensive care physicians.

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Corona mortality depends load intensive care units


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