Corona pandemic: Morocco suspends flights


Status: 02/23/2021 1:11 p.m.

Morocco isolates itself out of concern for the Corona mutants. From today on, flights to and from Germany are suspended. Air traffic with other countries is also affected – for example with Switzerland and Turkey.

From Dunja Sadaqi,
ARD studio North West Africa

 The  North African holiday destination Morocco has suspended flights to and from Germany for the time being. © The  government says it wants to prevent further coronavirus mutations from being introduced into the country. As of today, all air traffic between Morocco and Germany has been suspended.

Dunja Sadaqi

Entry no longer possible

© The  new regulation will initially apply until March 21 and be reviewed every 14 days. ©

 The  German embassy in Rabat announced that people who are currently in Germany are no longer allowed to enter Morocco – regardless of their citizenship. This means that entry into Morocco with transit flights or via third countries is no longer possible. However, leaving Morocco via third countries is generally possible, provided that flights are offered.

In addition to Germany, air traffic with other countries is also affected, for example Switzerland and Turkey.

480,000 infected

Several cases of infection with virus mutations have already been reported in Morocco. At the end of January, the kingdom started its vaccination campaign. According to state information, around 480,000 people of the 35 million inhabitants were infected with the virus, and around 8,600 died.

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Corona pandemic Morocco suspends flights


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