Corona policy: SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil distributes against Jens Spahn – domestic politics


What an attack within the government!

SPD general secretary Lars Klingbeil (42) has launched an all-round attack against Health Minister Jens Spahn (40, CDU) – and warns of the next bankruptcy from the Ministry of Health after the vaccination debacle.

 The  SPD has massive doubts that Spahn can keep his promise of free corona tests for all German citizens from March 1st!

Klingbeil on Sunday evening at the BILD talk “©

 The  right questions”: “I really wish that Jens Spahn’s announcement that everyone can be tested free of charge works.”
But: “During the vaccination we noticed that we couldn’t believe Jens Spahn’s announcements. Corrections and corrections continue to be made. And I’m a bit afraid that we will create the next disappointment (during testing). ”Because there are“ many questions that Jens Spahn has not answered to this day ”.

Klingbeil sharply criticized the fact that Spahn had published his project on Twitter instead of being “properly prepared” at prime ministerial conferences, in the cabinet or among the health ministers of the federal states.

Instead, he experiences “that politics is made here via Twitter”. And that in a phase “in which we have lost confidence because the vaccination does not work”. He sees the “great danger that trust will now be lost again”. Because: “I’m afraid there will be disappointment again on March 1st.”

FDP boss Christian Lindner (42) rated the test program in a similarly critical manner in the BILD talk: “We missed the first chance to change our vaccination strategy and are now in the process of stumbling over the second big chance through quick and self-tests . “And further:” We have seen so many announcements, so many disappointments, numbers are mentioned, numbers are corrected. I only believe things when I really see them. ”
And there are not only differences in vaccination and the mass tests! While Spahn rejected an opening plan, the SPD general secretary from the federal and state governments expects concrete opening decisions at their next lockdown summit on March 3rd.

Klingbeil: “We have to make an effort to make a lot of things possible again for people in this country as quickly as possible.” ©

 The re must be a “traceability of when what happens”.

Corona remains a dangerous disease and should not be played down. “But politics has to send out different signals than this closing, extending.” Klingbeil referred specifically to the next lockdown summit between the Prime Ministers and the Chancellor: “Let’s work together to do something for the people in this country. “

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Corona policy SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil distributes Jens Spahn domestic politics


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