Corona requirements in air traffic – Swiss sends an emergency call to the Federal Council


Swiss is getting through the corona crisis with a minimal flight plan. Because things are not going well for much longer, she is now raising the alarm at the top.

Grounded: © The  Swiss machines are currently significantly more often on the ground than in the air.

Photo: Christian Beutler (Keystone)

If Dieter Vranckx this week for his first 50 days as the new Swiss CEO Looking back and trying to get something positive out of it, could be a realization: It can only get better. Second and third waves, mutants, test and quarantine obligations everywhere – the airline has only been covering around 10 percent of the previous year’s flight schedule for weeks. It is burning more money than even the pessimists in its ranks feared a few months ago.

Vranckx’s Swiss leadership expressed this problem a few days ago in a letter that it addressed personally to several Federal Councilors. Several independent sources from the Federal Palace and with access to the Swiss management have confirmed relevant research in this newspaper. © The  media offices of several departments, however, confirmed the arrival of the letter.

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Corona requirements air traffic Swiss sends emergency call Federal Council


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