Corona spring in Berlin: The garden centers are closed – but amateur gardeners can still get started – Berlin


 The  snowdrops are at the start. A few have poked their heads through the last remaining white island of frost. © The y’re little devils, they make their own warm spot in the cold ground. ©

 The  phenomenon is called bio-heating, ten degrees are feasible for a top snowdrop.

Fortunately, because while the weather could tempt you to set up the grill, there isn’t so much going on out there for gardeners. And there are two reasons. One is the ground cold. Nevertheless, there is of course a little something to do, even in balconies, more on that in a moment.


 The  other, how could it be otherwise, is called Corona. Due to the pandemic, the garden centers are still closed, which is why the supply is stalling, especially now when hobby gardeners get a high pulse when the temperature rises. And Marcus Pluta grinds his teeth whenever he walks into a supermarket.

Pluta is the fourth generation of gardeners, and the family business of the same name in Dahlem has been based in and near Berlin since 1892. Since then there has been a difficult year and 2021 could be one again. Because now it’s primrose season, they usually have horned violets on sale and of course pansies, now the goods are being ripped out of their hands, but Pluta doesn’t have any, for which reason, his shop is closed.


 The  supermarkets do big business

He did not order at all, ordering and picking up the perishable goods is simply too unsafe, even if he has the impression that every flower shop is trying to make ends meet with a wallpaper table in front of the door. But the big business is done by the supermarkets, they are allowed to put everything in front of the door that is in bloom.

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But Pluta has to be content with buying earth, pots and seeds, things that always go, even if the opening will take a little longer. He’s hoping for March 8th, which would of course be better as soon as possible. Because he doesn’t get any goods from a standing start.

Spring greetings from nature: snowdrops grow on a green strip in front of the Holy Cross Church in Berlin.Photo: Christophe Gateau / dpa

It usually comes from large-scale retailers in the surrounding area, for example from the Rosengut Langerwisch near Michendorf. ©

 The y have 50,000 items in stock over an area of ​​5,000 square meters. But sales stall there too.


 The  buyers in the supermarkets can’t sleep from laughing

Which is why Rosengut managing director Kati Bräutigam says with audible bitterness in her voice that the buyers in the big supermarkets can’t sleep at all from laughing. ©

 The y have never been so cheap to get goods. In the Rosengut, however, they donated the orchids to institutions for the elderly, so they are starting to compost the primroses and horned violets, because the goods have to go, spring has almost gone there.


 The  summer range, the geraniums for example, need space in the greenhouse so that they are big enough for sale in April.

Horned violets show their first flowers in a greenhouse.Photo: Patrick Pleul / dpa


 The  rose estate is one of the big ones in Brandenburg, selling three million ornamental plants a year. Now, at the end of February, there would normally be 250 to 300 customers a day. ©

 The re are currently three to five who order online using the contact form and come to collect them.

You had already started to pluck the first flowers out of the pansies, then there will be another, but you can’t delay it for a long time, then the plants have to go, in the end to the compost.

Of course, she finds it unjust to arm the grocery trade with horticultural products that can be bought somewhere cheaply. Of course, her colleague Sylvia Schießer from the Berlin-Brandenburg Horticultural Association says that most nurseries and garden centers have more space and room height per customer than the supermarket on the corner.

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It didn’t help, although plants and flowers undoubtedly contribute to the feeling of well-being and are therefore systemically relevant. Somehow the opening discussion passed them by. Somehow they might have to think about actions. Maybe they shouldn’t compost the rotten primroses but dump them in front of town halls and ministries. In any case, your hope is on March 1st and March 8th at the latest.

Experts warn to start spring now – the next frost is sure to come

But what are gardeners doing now: inside until then? Experts warn to start the spring now, for example to peel off the roses and thereby deprive them of their root protection, the next frost is sure to come. Instead, you could, for example, use large scissors. According to the Tree Protection Ordinance, deciduous trees may only be pruned until the end of February, but only the thin branches. Fruit trees should also be cut back now, before the shoot.


 The  first early bloomers are sprouting on a meadow on the Müggelsee in Berlin. ©

 The  winterling is one of the first spring flowers.Photo: Kira Hofmann / dpa

It also doesn’t hurt to see if someone needs help: Wet leaves, for example, are harmful to the tips of the first early bloomers, which push themselves out of the ground, it should be carefully removed. Please do not step onto the lawn that has just cleared the ice that often, it doesn’t like that.

And otherwise there is still something going on inside. If you want to grow your own fruit vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, you should start now at the latest. On the windowsill and with additional light if possible.

Pay attention to high-quality seeds that are not necessarily available in the supermarket, but better in specialist online shops. Or wait, in April you can buy ready-made small plants. ©

 The n maybe the nurseries will be open again.

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