Corona ticker Saxony: Seehofer wants to extend border controls


09:57 am | Biontech vaccine prevents transmission

Biontech and Pfizer’s vaccine appears to prevent coronaviruses from being passed on. As the “Bild am Sonntag” and the “Spiegel” report unanimously, this is the result of an Israeli study with almost 1.8 million people vaccinated. Accordingly, the vaccine prevents the virus transmission to 89.4 percent. So far it was only known that a double Biontech vaccination protects more than 95 percent from a serious corona disease.

09:29 am | Karliczek wants to vaccinate teachers faster

Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek has joined the call for teachers and educators to be offered vaccinations faster than previously planned.  The  CDU politician said that both professional groups perform tasks that are of great importance for society as a whole. This should also be shown in the vaccination prioritization.

Health Minister Jens Spahn and several federal states had previously requested this. © The  head of the Standing Vaccination Commission, Thomas Mertens, had recently stated that he saw no reason to prefer teachers for vaccination. A decision is expected at the beginning of the week. Schools in ten federal states will reopen on Monday, and elementary school students in Saxony have been back to school for a week.

09:03 am | Rummenigge: Football has no special role in a pandemic

Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has rejected allegations that football claims a special role in the corona pandemic. “We are not arrogant at all, we do not demand any special role at all,” said the chief executive of the German record champions on Saturday in the “Current Sports Studio” of ZDF.

His statements about vaccination were partially misunderstood. “We do not want to push ourselves in any way,” said Rummenigge on the debate about a possible preference for professional athletes in vaccination, which had arisen after his statements. Rummenigge had suggested that professional footballers could serve as vaccination models for the population. This of course only applies “if there is enough vaccine”, said Rummenigge now.

08:38 am | Foodwatch calls for an increase in the monthly basic security

© The  aid organization Foodwatch has called for a general increase in the monthly basic security. According to a statement from Foodwatch, an increase of at least 600 euros and an additional 100 euros per pandemic month is necessary. “This can at least ensure that a healthy diet, especially for children from affected families, does not fail because of the financial means,” explained Foodwatch. Even in normal times, the basic security is not enough to make a healthy diet affordable for everyone. “© The  corona pandemic has exacerbated this situation. Further measures are also required to promote healthy eating.

08:12 am | Click & Collect in Grimmas and Nerchau’s library

From Monday the city libraries in Grimma and Nerchau will offer an order and pick-up service. Via the online catalog, users can choose the books and other media they want from home and then order them by email or phone. © The  librarians will then suggest an appointment when the items can be picked up. © The  inventory catalog of the two libraries comprises around 40,000 items.

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Corona ticker Saxony Seehofer extend border controls


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