Corona “turning point”: Lauterbach announced trend reversal in Germany – earlier than expected?


 The  corona numbers in Germany are stagnating after weeks of falling infections with the corona virus. ©

 The  thesis of SPD man Karl Lauterbach is likely to work – and would not have come to an end.

Munich / Berlin – In the coronavirus pandemic in Germany, it is a popular guessing game: How often was he right, the chief reminder with a view to Covid-19? When did predictions by SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach come true? Or maybe not? At the moment there are signs that a theory of the scientist and member of the Bundestag will probably be exceeded.

Namely, the fact that the previously declining number of infections will stagnate towards the beginning of March and the corona mutations will lead to a renewed trend reversal in the infection process. Expressed in an exclusive interview with In view of the latest surveys, his prediction could even work out earlier than feared.

Corona infections in Germany: Karl Lauterbach had announced stagnating Covid 19 numbers

“If nothing unforeseen happens, we will face increasing numbers again with easing from the beginning of March. © The  British variant in particular is already so widespread that, at best, stagnation occurs at the beginning of March at the latest, before the number of cases then increases again, “Lauterbach said at the beginning of February.

Otherwise, the mutations build up relentlessly to form a third wave.

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach on

A look at the daily updated corona infections (source: website of the federal government) shows: On Tuesday, February 16, only 3856 new corona cases were registered within 24 hours, one day later there were 7556 again, and on this one Thursday finally 10.207 within one day.

Corona trend reversal in Germany: “We may be at a turning point again”

It was only on this Friday (February 19) that the number of new infections (9113) fell slightly again. “We may be at a turning point again. ©

 The  downward trend of the past few weeks is apparently no longer continuing, ”said Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), at a press conference in Berlin at the same time.

Within 24 hours New corona infections in Germany (registered)
Sunday February 14th 6114
Monday 15th February 4426
Tuesday February 16 3856
Wednesday February 17th 7556
Thursday February 18th 10.207
Friday 19th February 9113

Source:, as of February 19, 3 p.m.

A comparison between the days of the week helps: on Thursday, February 18, there were just 30 fewer new infections registered than on Thursday, February 11. All over Germany, mind you. Between Wednesday, February 10, and Wednesday, February 17, as well as the two consecutive Fridays (February 12 and 19), the number of reported corona cases fell by just under 500. This already suggests a stagnation of the once declining infections.

And Lauterbach? ©

 The  57-year-old said in an interview almost two weeks ago that there is actually no room for relaxation “©

 The  only thing I could imagine would be to open elementary schools and daycare centers with really good preparation – because of the dire consequential damage for children.”

How difficult this is under Covid-19 hygiene conditions is shown by the tricky Corona rules for daycare centers in North Rhine-Westphalia, which will only open partially and with renewed restrictions from February 22nd.

Karl Lauterbach on corona pandemic in Germany: Coronavirus mutations are worrying

“That is the absolute maximum of momentary easing. Otherwise, the mutations build up systematically and relentlessly into a third wave, ”said Lauterbach continue. After the significant increase in numbers in Flensburg, Lauterbach said this week that this is a first example of how quickly the mutations could go. In the meantime, Flensburg has to resort to more drastic measures again.

This Friday (February 19), for example, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) made a significant statement in Bavaria. “Flensburg shows: Yesterday everything was okay, tomorrow hotspot,” said the Union politician in Munich with a view to the mutation outbreak in Schleswig-Holstein on the Baltic Sea – and thus at the other end of Germany.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Markus Söder calls for a corona plan by Easter

Söder called for a “plan that will provide stability until Easter and then into summer”. ©

 The  Bavarian head of government went on to say that there is no precision landing with Corona, “if the jump point is missed, it takes an infinitely long time to correct it.” Lauterbach has long known. (pm)

Rubriklistenbild: © IMAGO / Future Image

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Corona turning point Lauterbach announced trend reversal Germany earlier expected


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