Corona vaccination campaign: In India, street sweepers are also systemically relevant


Status: 02/13/2021 4:04 p.m.

 The  number of infections is falling, so are the deaths and the vaccination campaign is running successfully – India is making good progress in combating the pandemic. © The re are several reasons for this.

Silke Diettrich

By Silke Diettrich, ARD Studio New Delhi

“India has already reached another milestone: We are the fastest country in the world to have administered seven million vaccinations against Covid-19,” says a video that the Indian government is distributing on all channels. In time lapse you can see a graph constantly going up, it looks like a race in which India is always ahead.

Positive news is the Indian government’s creed and there is little escape. This is accompanied by an announcement that sounds every time you call someone: “Hello! © The  new year has brought new rays of hope to India in the form of vaccinations against Covid-19. Vaccinations from India are safe and effective. Trust vaccinations ‘Made in India’ and get vaccinated when it’s your turn. ”

Street sweepers are relevant to the system

People who work in the health system and people who are systemically important are currently involved. In India this also includes street sweepers. Amar Jeet has already received his first vaccination in a hospital in the south of New Delhi: “Everything is fine, it is a great relief that we are getting the vaccination. Not just me, all of India is proud of it.”

After all, he has to expose himself to the risk of becoming infected every day, says Amar Jeet. © The  viruses could still lurk in the garbage. Nevertheless, he believes that he and his colleagues would have sufficient defenses even without the vaccination. “We are immune to all kinds of diseases, just three people here at the street sweepers in Delhi have contracted Corona.”

Population less vulnerable?

In fact, some virologists also suggest that Indians may have developed cross-immunities. © The  number of new infections has been falling rapidly since September. Most people in India are also significantly younger than the 58-year-old street sweeper. © The refore, disease rates in the country are likely to be generally milder.

In the dense cities, according to the latest study from New Delhi, more than 56 percent of people already carry antibodies against corona. Still, the government’s plan is to have up to 300 million people in the country vaccinated by the summer.

Many miss the vaccination appointment

But even now, in the first phase, not all people appear at the vaccination appointment that is scheduled for them. Around 40 percent did not show up for the appointment last working day, says Kapil Kumar. He is a police officer and lists at a hospital in South Delhi. “That’s why people just drop by who are not listed here. We just have to sort that out somehow.” So there is still a little work to be done on the award.

India – Largest vaccination campaign in the world in full swing

Silke Diettrich, ARD New Delhi, February 13, 2021 3:14 p.m.

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Corona vaccination campaign India street sweepers systemically relevant


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