Corona vaccination – Not just joy about Astra Zeneca in the Zwettl Clinic


But one employee complained about the administration of the Astra Zeneca vaccine.  The  state clinic refers to the high protective effect and nationwide vaccination strategy.

© The  Landesklinikum Zwettl is making further progress with vaccinations: So far, 500 employees, i.e. around 60 percent, have received the first partial vaccination. A further 80 people are currently registered for the coming dates.

“We are confident that we will be able to further increase the already very high vaccination rate among the employees of our health facilities and the residents of the nursing, support and support centers,” says Thomas Schmallegger from the State Health Agency.

Fortunately, thanks to the enormous commitment and dedication of the vaccination team around the vaccination officers Biserka Dangl and Mona Riegler as well as the hygiene officers Jürgen Friedl and Christina Damberger, the willingness to vaccinate is very high at the State Clinic.

Even so, there has recently been anger among the workforce. So an employee who wanted to remain anonymous turned to NÖN. She was vaccinated last week: “Until then, only the vaccine from Pfizer was used, yesterday you received the information half a minute before the shot that we would be vaccinated with the product from Astra Zeneca. Too short to think twice or to overdo it the consequences to be clear, “she writes.

Many of her colleagues fell ill shortly afterwards. “Why do people who are at the forefront of health care and who do first-class work under difficult conditions get a third-class vaccine that is warned about because it is less protective and demonstrably more negative vaccine reactions,” asks the employee.

Schmallegger: “© The  effectiveness of all vaccines is sufficiently high”

When asked about the criticism, Thomas Schmallegger emphasizes: “In accordance with the nationwide vaccination strategy, the vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech was started due to the availability of the vaccine and now the vaccine from Astra Zeneca will continue to be used for the intended groups of people.”


 The  Lower Austrian State Health Agency also provided the relevant education and information with the support of the in-house vaccination expert, Doctor Zwiauer, via various internal channels. In the Landesklinikum Zwettl, information was also provided in advance via the internal newsletter.


 The  effectiveness of all vaccines that have been used so far is also sufficiently high to reduce symptomatic illnesses and almost 100 percent to prevent serious illnesses with pneumonia, hospitalizations and intensive care stays, says Schmallegger: “Even if the vaccines of the various manufacturers follow different approaches the protective effects are very similar “, and:” Regarding the vaccination reactions it can be said that these are the expected immune response of the body. ©

 The se can occur with all vaccines. ”

Astra Zeneca also offers advantages

It is known from studies and previous experience that various reactions can occur during the first partial vaccination with the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which usually end on their own within a few days (usually within 48 hours).

“On the other hand, the reactions to the second vaccination are milder and less frequent than with the other vaccines. With all vaccines, the symptoms can be significantly reduced by the accompanying administration of pain-relieving medication,” says Schmallegger.

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Corona vaccination joy Astra Zeneca Zwettl Clinic


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