Corona vaccination rejected: geriatric nurse ended up in intensive care – Nuremberg


Covid patient has bitterly regretted vaccination skepticism –
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Today she would definitely get vaccinated: Barbara Meier.

© Nuremberg Hospital, ARC

Good afternoon, Ms. Meier. Nice to at least be able to talk to you – a visit is not possible. How are you?
Barbara Meier: It’s going uphill, thank you! I am now back in a normal ward, I can move again and I also taste something again, the food is good. © The  urge to cough still remains, my nose is still painful from the tubes, and examinations are still ongoing. Overall, I was still lucky.

Incidence values ​​and vaccination numbers for Nuremberg

Do you already know what happens next?
When I can go back home is still open. Maybe a rehab will follow. But I hope that everything will be fine. And I want to get back to work as soon as possible. Because I love my job. Always, because you learn so much from older people, experience so much trust and can really help.

Outbreak, lockdown, vaccine: One year of Corona in Germany

© The  Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus has changed the world like no other pathogen before it. Over two million people worldwide have died from or with the virus. ©

 The  first infection in Germany became known on January 27, 2020. We look back on a year of Corona.

You are employed as a caregiver in a private retirement home. Did you actually get infected there?
This cannot be determined exactly, it can happen almost anywhere. But I suppose so. For example, I was involved in an internal relocation of a resident who tested positive. However, I always wore protective clothing with an FFP-2 mask and gloves. I am actually meticulous and could not have imagined that it could affect me too.

Nuremberg’s vaccination center: Daily thriller about the vaccine

Is that why you didn’t want to get vaccinated? ©

 The  mobile teams were also at your facility in January.
On the one hand, I felt healthy and even took on double shifts when others were down. Because of course there were cases of infection in my home too. Most of all, I was skeptical about the brand new vaccine. One had heard so much that relatives and acquaintances also said they’d rather wait a while. Now of course I regret it, I stupid noodle.
How did the disease affect you?

Study shows: © The se are the seven corona symptoms

A research team from the Medical University of Vienna came to the conclusion that there is a mild Covid 19 infection apparently in different forms. When examining 200 patients as part of the study, a total of seven groups with different forms of disease could be identified. Read in our picture gallery which symptom groups were determined.

That came from one day to the next: Even the smallest movement was suddenly infinitely difficult, and chewing even a piece of bread took a lot of strength. It was as if I couldn’t control anything anymore. And since my phone was not next to the bed and I could hardly move, the health department initially tried to call in vain. That’s why the police even sent it to my house. That was a real shock. ©

 The  officers treated me from above, no longer as a person, but only as a number.
But you were spared the artificial coma …
Yes, but I had to see it happen with others, for example a businessman who was also a heavy smoker. I was given hot oxygen myself, and the device was booming so loudly that I could hardly sleep. And the thoughts are constantly revolving around what else can happen. All of this made me very sad, I will probably need a while to process it all.

Visits to the Covid stations are taboo. Did you miss that?
Very much, after all, I love my family, but of course I understand that bedside visits are not an option. So the cell phone became the alpha and omega for me.
As a result of your bitter experience, you are now promoting vaccination …
Clearly. Above all, everyone should take the Corona requirements seriously. Corona is such a big term – I didn’t know so much and believe that it wasn’t just me.

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Corona vaccination rejected geriatric nurse ended intensive care Nuremberg


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