Corona video podcast: Rejection of the zero-covid strategy – gastronomy prepared for openings


“The goals of the corona policy are still correct”: Wolfgang Bosbach, the former chairman of the interior committee in the Bundestag, emphasized in the program that an overload of the health system must be prevented. The CDU politician rejects a zero-covid strategy that aims to avoid any corona infection: “I don’t know how that should work without an absolute lockdown,” says Bosbach. However, this would have “serious side effects for the economy and society”.


TV chef Alexander Herrmann sees the gastronomy “very well positioned for openings – if you let us”. “Gastro can do hygiene, we grow up with it,” says Herrmann, who runs several restaurants in addition to a hotel. He has already technically upgraded the premises, for example with air filters. “I can get my business up and running again in five to seven days, Corona-compliant,” says Herrmann. He lacks foresight in politics: “We have to prepare for October,” he demands. Then the number of infections could rise again due to lower temperatures. The time until then must be used to increase the staffing of the health system and departments.

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Corona video podcast Rejection zerocovid strategy gastronomy prepared openings


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