Corona: Violations of the vaccination sequence in Germany – news update


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Numerous violations of vaccination sequence in Germany

5.45 a.m .: In at least nine federal states, people who have not yet had their turn have already been vaccinated against Corona. This was the result of a research by the German Press Agency. Local politicians, clergymen as well as firefighters and police officers came into play, although they do not belong to the first priority group.

In Lower Saxony, for example, the district administrator of Peine and his deputy had themselves vaccinated, and in Saxony-Anhalt the district administrator of the Wittenberg district and his deputy, as well as the mayor of Halle and two city councilors. In North Rhine-Westphalia, among others, the mayor of Hennef, his predecessor and the mayor of Wachtberg received a vaccination. In Bavaria, the district administrator of Donau-Ries and the mayor of Donauwörth were vaccinated.

Police officers were also vaccinated in Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony, fire fighters in Rhineland-Palatinate and police officers and fire fighters in Hamburg. In Bremen and Hesse, senior hospital staff are also said to have been vaccinated. In most cases, the early vaccinations were justified with leftover vaccine doses.

Employer president very disappointed with corona decisions

5.15 a.m .: Employer President Rainer Dulger has followed up with the criticism of the latest corona decisions by the federal and state governments. “It’s a huge disappointment,” said Dulger to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Friday). “Once again, companies and employees have not received a clear, transparent and rule-based opening perspective.”

Dulger criticized the fact that in future an incidence of 35 instead of the previously mentioned 50 should apply for the opening. What is meant is the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week. “Politicians now run the massive risk of losing the population’s trust in the measures to combat the pandemic,” said Dulger.

A “closure scenario” was decided on Wednesday that fell short of previous plans. Parliaments and social partners would not be sufficiently involved in the development of the measures. «We need a post-corona strategy. We haven’t heard of that for months, ”added Dulger.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the heads of government of the federal states decided on Wednesday that the main corona measures should be continued until March 7th. In particular, the trade may only reopen in 7 days if there is a regional incidence of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

 The re is an exception for hairdressers, who are allowed to open again in two and a half weeks if the hygiene requirements are strictly observed.

Biden: Contract for an additional 200 million vaccine doses perfect

Thursday, February 11, 11.35 p.m .: ©

 The  US government has signed a contract with vaccine manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer for 100 million additional corona vaccine doses each. ©

 The  government has now secured a total of 600 million cans that would be delivered by the end of July, said President Joe Biden. All adults could therefore be vaccinated by the end of July, Biden said during a visit to the National Health Institute (NIH). ©

 The  USA has a population of around 330 million. Two doses of vaccine are required per head.

Biden had already announced the purchase of the 200 million additional cans in late January, about a week after starting his tenure. He did not save on Friday with criticism of his predecessor Donald Trump. “He didn’t order enough vaccine,” Biden said. “He didn’t do his job to be prepared for the massive challenge of vaccinating hundreds of millions of Americans,” the Democrat continued. “America had no plan to vaccinate most of the country. It was a mess, ”said Biden.

Trump’s government has aggressively promoted and funded vaccine development, which even Biden had previously praised. However, the government largely left the planning of the actual vaccinations, the associated logistical challenges and costs to the states, districts and municipalities.

Biden said vaccine makers Moderna and Pfizer have also committed to bring forward delivery of 100 million doses already purchased by a month by the end of June. ©

 The  US pharmaceutical company Pfizer is working on the vaccine with the Mainz company Biontech.

107.5 million people infected and more than 2.3 million dead worldwide

Thursday, February 11, 11:16 p.m .: Over 107.5 million people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus. More than 2.35 million died of or with the virus, according to a Reuters survey based on official data. ©

 The  US is hardest hit with over 27.36 million infections and 471,927 deaths.

Czech parliament rejects extension of the emergency

Thursday, February 11, 10:43 p.m .: ©

 The  Czech parliament has rejected an extension of the emergency imposed due to the corona pandemic. ©

 The  minority government under Prime Minister Andrej Babis was unable to prevail by demanding that the state of emergency be continued until March 16. Alternative proposals with shorter terms did not find a majority either. ©

 The  state of emergency that has been in force since October expires on Sunday. Among other things, it enables the government to suspend civil rights such as freedom of assembly across the board.


 The  presidents of five administrative regions announced that they would step into the breach and declare a so-called “dangerous situation” themselves. In an emotional debate, government officials had warned of a collapse of the health system. “We go down in history as a state that withdraws its armed forces in the middle of a war,” warned Interior Minister Jan Hamacek. “©

 The  virus is aggressive, it’s a killer,” said Babis. ©

 The  chairman of the opposition pirate party, Ivan Bartos, replied that many people were desperate and no longer trusted the government.


 The  Czech Republic is particularly badly affected by the Corona crisis. Authorities reported 9,446 new cases within 24 hours on Thursday. ©

 The re have been more than a million confirmed infections and 17,772 deaths since the pandemic began. ©

 The  EU member state has around 10.7 million inhabitants.
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Corona Violations vaccination sequence Germany news update


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